The modern age is a competitive age for every business and organization. Data is one of the most essential and vital features of every organization because it plays a crucial role in decision-making based on statistical numbers, trends, and facts. At present, there is growing scope for data, and so for data science. Data science is a versatile field that involves data analysis, statistics, data mining, predictive analysis, and much more. It uses many techniques and skills such as algorithms, procedures, and framework to gain the knowledge and insights from massive data.  

Data science has always been an integral part of the economy and culture of the global world. It helps brands to make a better understanding of their customers in a much improved and personalized manner. It finds the insights and results applied to almost any sector like healthcare, banking, travel, finance, and education. It is also an accessible technique that suits nearly all sectors. It is also being said that data science is taking a prime and vital role in the functioning and growth process of brands. With all these skills and expertise, data science’s importance is growing faster to stay ahead and achieve goals.

One can take a Data science with python course to gain expertise in this growing domain. Read on to know about the top languages used in data science and how you can learn them online. 

Top Languages Used in Data Science 

Data basically refers to characteristics and information that is collected through observation. In technical terms, data is a set of values of quantitative and qualitative variables about one or more objects and persons, translated for some purpose.  It is said to be transformed into information when viewed in context or in post-analysis that is efficient for movement or processing. In today’s computer age, data is converted into binary digital form, where raw data is described as the most basic digital form of data. There are many types of data. Some common types involve Single character, Boolean, Number, Text, Sound, Video, Picture. 

There are several programming languages used to make sense of all these types of data. These languages help to learn various data science functions. Below mentioned are some essential languages for data scientists to learn and master.


It is the most popular and widely used data science programming language in the IT world today. It is an easy-to-use, open-source, dynamic, and inherently object-oriented language for data science. It supports multiple paradigms, from functional to procedural and structured programming functions. It is a better and faster process for data manipulation. With CSV output in python, it is easier for programmers to read and understand the data in a spreadsheet. 


It is a high-level programming language for data science that has multiple useful libraries. R is an open-source language that is specially used for statistical computing and graphics. It can explore data sets and conduct ad hoc analysis. R is a vector programming language that can do many things at once across platforms. It also can perform mathematical modeling, data processing, and data visualization with built-in functions. R supports CSV, Excel, Minitab or SPSS file formats, text files, Web scraping with Rvest, and some file formats for Data Collection. 


SAS stands for Statistical Analytical System. It is a closed-source tool developed for advanced data analysis and statistical operations. It is a highly reliable language that almost every large scale organizations and professionals are adopting. SAS offers a wide range of statistical capabilities to perform complex modeling. 

Besides these languages, Scala, Julia, MATLAB, Octave, Java, Pearl, Haskell, SQL, C++, Swift are also some of the critical languages used in Data Science. 

How to Learn Python and R Online?

There is a specific way to learn any programming language with steps such as:

  • Assess- At first, discover your data skill level and opt for any personalized course/certification.
  • Learn- There are several interactive courses available that include videos and hands-on exercises.
  • Apply- With learning, you will master new skills with real-world projects and practice challenges.

Top courses to learn Python

Data Science with Python Course

This course is offered by Simplilearn. It will teach you the basics of Python, data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, web scraping, & natural language processing. Along with 64 hours of blended learning, the course provides hands-on practice to prepare you as a professional Python programmer. This Data Science course provides live classes and access to study materials from anywhere and at any time.

Complete Python Bootcamp

It is a popular course for Python that teaches basics and progressive steps to create applications and games. It is a straightforward course focused on Python3. It will teach you about advanced Python features and to create GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system. This course is offered by Udemy. 

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

This certification involves a set of five courses to learn the use of Python for data science applications. It provides in-depth knowledge for modeling, data wrangling, machine learning methods and techniques, visualization, text mining, and social network analysis. You can learn information visualization basics, conduct an inferential statistical analysis, and enhance data analysis with applied machine learning. This certification is offered by Coursera.

Top courses to learn R

Data Science with R Certification Course, by Simplilearn

This advanced certification with R programming training makes you an expert in analytics using the R programming language. The data science skills you develop with this certification will help to analyze data and make more informed, strong, and proper decisions. It covers topics such as data visualization, data exploration, predictive and descriptive analysis techniques with R. It will teach you about R packages, data structure in R, import and export data in R, cluster analysis, etc.

R Programming A-Z™

This course, offered by Udemy will help you learn R and R studio for data science with real exercises. It is also providing knowledge for programming with Data analysis, Statistical analysis, Data science, Functions, Packages, and GGPIot2. It offers practice working with statistical data in R, working with sports data in R, and working with financial data in R. This course is all about installing packages in R, to customize R studio, using Rstudio, to learn core principles of programming and loops, create vectors,  create variables, build and use matrices in R.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R by Udemy

This certification course is designed to learn using an R programming language for machine learning, data science, and data visualization. It will also teach you about the advanced features of R, using R frames to solve complex issues/ tasks and manage excel files among other functions. 

Finally, it is evident that Data Science is a very essential technique for companies to stay ahead in this competitive age. So are you ready to learn Python or R programming language from the top online training providers?


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