Have you created a mobile app and successfully added it to the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play marketplace? Great, it’s time to start promoting. The ability to monetize an application directly depends on the number of users who have installed it on their device and regularly launch it. There are millions of applications in the App Store and Google Play. How to fight for users and move to the top of the search results? Here are the most workable app marketing strategies and tips:

  1. Analysis of the application and choosing keywords through ASO services. We start the promotion by analyzing the application and compiling a list of keywords by which the user can find it in the iOS App Store and Play Market. The competition in store search is very high, so your strategy should be as effective as possible. Focus on queries with high traffic volume and medium / low competition, then the likelihood of reaching the top and getting a good result will be much higher. According to ComboApp, a fractional CMO will help your marketing team to choose the most effective promotional channels and allocate advertising budget efficiently.
  2. Working on the title and subtitle. The headline is the first thing a user sees in any interface. The name of the application should be attractive, memorable, and arousing interest in reading the description. The title (subtitle) should be as clear and concise as possible about the purpose of the application. Use the most important keywords, but don’t overdo it – the title should be readable. Try to make it unique, use high-frequency keywords – these are the most popular search queries that are found in a particular area, do not forget that these fields are filled for people, not for search engines only.
  3. An icon is a unique image that is required for every mobile application. It plays a different role at different stages. When a user decides whether to download an application or not, it helps to convince him. When the mobile app is installed, it helps to prevent it from getting lost on the smartphone screen among other icons. A poorly designed icon has the opposite effect: it confuses the user and thereby harms the application. So when you work on creating the icon, you need to pay attention to:
  • watchability. The user doesn’t have to strain to look at the icon and understand the designer’s idea.
  • recognition. As we said earlier, there are millions of applications in the stores. And they all fight for the attention of users. To make sure your icon stands out from others, analyze your competitors. If you see colorful icons, try a monochrome palette and minimalism. In general, look for your unique style.
  • consistency. The icon is part of the application, so the rendering must be consistent.

The icon accompanies the user every time he interacts with the application. Its role is extremely important, because the icon requires a thorough approach when developing.

  1. The mission of screenshots is to deliver a clear message to the user. Therefore, analyze your competitors, accurately reflect the existing functionality of the app. For most users, application design is a key factor in making a decision. Only the reviews and ratings are ahead of it.
  2. Description for App Store and Google Play. The description acts as a selling offer of a mobile application, but many people ignore this fact. Moreover, sometimes the developers themselves undertake to do the work of copywriters. As a result, it turns out that the descriptions are either focused on search algorithms (and not on the user), or are understandable only to those who daily work in the specific fields.

Description in the App Store is not indexed for search engine optimization. However, it is a key marketing tool and promotes app downloads. The main function here is informational. The main criteria are the reflection of the essence of the application and readability. The description on Google Play is indexed, which means it is important to fill it with relevant keywords, which will further help the application to rank better and take high positions in the ratings.

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