Video is not just a skill to learn but is also become in demand for different professions. If you are a YouTuber then you must have to learn video editing to create and edit videos for your viewers. It needs lots of effort and dedication to create a unique video with the best features. Filmora helps you to become a professional video editor and can edit videos for personal as well as professional use. You can also do editing work for others and can charge them money for editing services. You can make advertisement videos for business products and can also edit videos for YouTubers and Social Media influencers. It is all become easy for your once you start using Filmora. Filmora has many professional and expert users who are regularly using Filmora. You have to check all these on Filmora and for this, you have to visit the website.

New features in Filmora 11:

There are lots of different new features are get updated and some of them are as follows:

  • Effect Plugins
  • Preset Templates
  • Auto Synchronization

Effect plugins: Filmora 11 is filled with lots of features and one of them is effect plugins. It allows you to get latest effects which are used in Hollywood and also give you famous 3D tool to make your video more interesting. You can check and use these features to create a unique video.

Auto Synchronization: With Auto Synchronization, audio and video can be synchronize automatically which saves lots of time and can be synchronize audio and video in any device. You need to check all the features which are available to make your video much impressive. It comes with lots of benefits.

Focused videographer editing movie on professional computer sitting at desk in business office at midnight. Creative video editor working at night at new project processing audio film montage.

Preset Templates:

You will get preset templates which are used to complete the video creation quickly and will save your video as template which you can also reuse. It is very awesome tool and also helps a lot to get best results. You can also use the audio editor feature in Filmora.

There are many numerous features which you can check and use in Filmora which are far better than other video editing software. It allows you to get the best results while editing videos. Become a professional with all the features available. You can check more features are shown below:

  • Stock Media
  • Wondershare Drive
  • Speed Ramping
  • Auto Beat Sync
  • Mask
  • Instant Mode

Filmora for beginners?

It becomes the most used and trusted software for video editing. People who are beginners and don’t know how to edit video then they must have to try Filmora. You have to check the details of Filmora then you will understand why Filmora is the most recommended software for video editing. You need to check before using Filmora because there are numerous features available which are helping people to edit their videos. YouTubers, Social Media influencers, and Businessmen for business promotions using FIlmora. Many teachers and students are using Filmora for their video editing and are happy with it. So, you also have to try it once, if you don’t want to hire a professional for video editing service.

Filmora vs. competitors (Pros and cons):


  • Filmora allows you to learn video editing easily as compared to Premiere Pro. You will get very easy user interface to make your editing easy and quick.
  • Filmora offers very low prices to the tools and features which are really higher in Premiere Pro.
  • Filmora is useful for the YouTubers and Social Media Influencer because of its features and pricing but Premiere Pro charges higher prices which are not affordable for all.


  • Filmora have less features as compares Premiere Pro. It comes with limited controls to the users.
  • Filmora is affordable but few tools and plugins need updates for better results.

Price plans and download:

You can first purchase the plan which allows you to get access to FIlmora to edit videos. You can get a US$28.98 /Month offer and can enjoy numerous editing features for a whole month. You can also purchase a yearly plan which is available at just US$68.98. And to get a perpetual plan you have to spend US$98.98. After choosing your plan, you can download the software and purchase it to get access. There are lots of people who regularly use FIlmora to improve their editing skills.

Download from here:

Get Filmora Now:

If you want to learn video editing skills for your YouTube channel or your social media account then Filmora is the only option that you have. You can do any type of editing with the help of Filmora, so you have to check all the features and benefits before using it. Don’t wait much, visit Filmora and get your access today and improve your video editing skills.

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