Digital revolution is indeed real. People around the globe are becoming a part of it. However, there is certainly another side of this story, like everything else. And from a parent’s perspective, it is indeed the threat of their kids getting badly influenced by the porn sites. Not just porn sites, the social media posts are turning equally challenging as well.


However, the solution again appears from the same digital source. So if you are wondering, how to block porn? Then the good news is that, the parents are having an incredible option like FamiSafe with them to stay assured about keeping things under control. It’s absolutely user-friendly to be used by parents with all levels of technical expertise so that they can block desired sites and the social media posts.


Blocking inappropriate contents and sites


FamiSafe comes with an explicit feature for web content filtration which enables users in blocking specific contents and sites that fall under the inappropriate category. Upon activating filters of a specific category, the app enables users to block contents from the devices of their kids falling under the same category.


It comes with Explicit Content Detection feature too, which is incredible in terms of detecting and notifying the parents about undesired contents the kid might be enjoying over YouTube. All that it needs, is to link the YouTube account of the concerned kid with that of FamiSafe. The app keeps track of the complete views and notifies accordingly.


Keeping social media contents under control


Also, the app FamiSafe can be connected with the social media applications which the kids use to figure out the forbidden words that are being used through instant texting applications and social media platforms. This way, whenever any inappropriate word is found, the parent’s device or simply the parent gets notified instantly. This helps parents take the right step at the right time.


Apart from these, FamiSafe comes with a range of high-end specs too, which can be effectively controlled over the parent’s device. All these can be done simply if the app is installed in both the parent’s and the kid’s phone. A parent can control these remotely and doesn’t need to ask the kids for their device.


To enjoy all these perks, all that a parent need is to have the FamiSafe app on his/her phone and on the device used by the kid, simply upon following the steps given below.


Steps to get started with


  • To get started with, one needs to first download and install the FamiSafe app on the concerned device.
  • Once done, now get signed up and register the account on FamiSafe.
  • Put your details to login to the account on your smartphone; this can be set up as a Parent account.
  • Go through the instructions appearing over the display to finish the setup process over the device of the parent.
  • It’s time now to move to the kid’s smartphone and get FamiSafe app installed on it.
  • Next, get signed in to your FamiSafe account and set it in the kid’s device.
  • Go through the instructions appearing over the display for kid’s account setting. Moreover, ensure that the FamiSafe managed profile has been installed.


After you download famisafe, and both the devices are set up, it enables the parents to keep control of the entire FamiSafe’s specs on the kids’ devices from anywhere, through parent app.


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