This is a video of a 40 year old woman hearing for the first time. Her name is Joe Milne and she was born deaf, so when she was fitted with bilateral cochlea implants, she brought along her friend Tremayne Crossley who captured the moment they were turned on. Wow. Well, that went straight to the feels. Just beelined riiiight in there. Got me deep! Real deep. Congratulations, Joe! So uh, can you hear my shoulder pop when I move my arm like this? I’m not sure if it’s just in my head or it makes a noise.

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  1. Jana Neal


  2. Roland Ballard

    Why is no one hugging this woman?

  3. Glenn Depuno

    is the doctor numb?
    i guess nobody really cares that she can hear…
    & yes a hug would be nice

  4. Hana Sheala

    she deserves more than hug, cookies and icecream maybe? The doctor seem really cold to me. Sorry. And she is treating her like a child with that psychobable… why she cant have at least a friend with her?