How one software group seeks to simplify hosting and storing.


Atlanta, GA- February 2020 – The Atlanta based startup Anakyn Labs, a company specializing in software design, looks to change the way we think about home servers. Anakyn Labs has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign for Anakyn, a simplified personal server. Aside from keeping your data secure and private, Anakyn would eliminate costly monthly subscription fees for cloud storage or hosting services. We ask Anakyn project lead Brian Kim to explain what makes Anakyn an essential.


With a personal server, the user has the option to store their files locally, and access them on the go through an app.. From documents, to music and other media files, they can all be uploaded to Anakyn to avoid having to turn to cloud storage services once space runs out. Anakyn will serve as your digital filing cabinet all without any monthly or annual cloud fees. Anakyn will have two available storage options. With 128gb and 256gb models, this should be plenty for the average user and two USB ports allow for an external hard drive to be connected for any extra storage needed.


Anakyn also allows for hosting, and its UI was developed to be as seamless and beginner friendly as possible. Its menu will allow you to upload the files you need and select the settings you so wish to get your website live, all without writing a single line of code. This is great for bloggers and other entrepreneurs looking to put up a website, but either do not have the computer literacy skills or do not wish to pay hosting fees.


Anakyn is also equipped to host game servers using the same streamline software. Games such as Minecraft allow users to play with friends on a privately created worlds on servers. Once again, there’s an option of going through a company and purchasing server space, but with that comes fees and having to worry about issues like latency and downtime. Anakyn handles the entire installation in the background for easy setup. Before you know it, you’ll have your own world with little to no latency issues.


While speaking to the project lead, the most ambitious part of this project wasn’t shrinking down a server and simplifying it. It’s not even the plan to take back your data from these large corporations to ensure security and privacy. When asked, Brian promptly replied “See, hosting and storage are great features of servers, but we believe that others will see how practical and easy it is to use servers. We’re hoping others may become compelled and appreciate what Anakyn is capable of, and we hope to encourage development and user creation.” Anakyn will be open source and Brian speaks of a plan to open an App Store to provide a platform for creators to help grow a community with Anakyn.

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