The internet age has transformed our world into a digital one. Businesses across the globe are becoming more digital by the day, and this includes things like electronic documents, transfers of documents, data and finances, the storage of data and files electronically and more.

With everything becoming digital and electronic, it only makes sense for the signing of documents to be done electronically as well.

In this e-signature guide, you’ll discover why adopting this technology makes perfect sense for your business, so read on to know some of the advantages of e-signatures.

Streamline Your Deals

The easier it is for your recipients and customers to sign and return documents, the happier they’ll be and the better it’ll be for your business. Therefore, it is vital to understand what is an e-signature, and how to properly execute one that is legally binding?

E-signatures are simply an electronic way for people to sign a document. Instead of e-mailing them the paperwork, where they then have to print it out, sign it with a pen, scan the signature pages and e-mail them back, it can all be done electronically in a fraction of the time.

Happy customers mean repeat business, which is fantastic for your bottom line and longevity.

E-signatures Offer Added Layers Of Security

The traditional method of signing documents is far from secure. Signatures can be forged unless they’re witnessed, plus there’s no time stamp or record of when the document was signed. It’s a different story with e-signatures.

Also, an electronic signature works by proving that a document wasn’t modified (either intentionally or unintentionally) after it was signed. This is achieved by the generation of a unique cryptographic hash of the message or document and encrypting it using the sender’s private key. An e-signature is a far more secure and modern way to have documents signed.

Close Deals In Rapid Time

If your business relies on closing deals while customers are hot, then having the capacity to get contracts signed electronically really speeds up the process exponentially. If you were to e-mail or mail a contract to the customer, wait for them to sign it the conventional way and mail or e-mail it back, that customer could go cold after all that time and change their mind.

Electronic documents that can also be signed instantly offer you a way of closing the sale while the customer is still thrilled about the pitch.

Use E-signatures To Complete Important Transactions

Not only will an e-signature save your customers time, but they can also be utilized to complete many types of important transactions, including the signing of medical documents. This is a particularly important consideration during times of a pandemic, such as the situation with Covid-19.

In times of social distancing, electronic signatures offer the ultimate solution, where business still gets done without the two parties having to meet face to face or anyone having to travel anywhere.

How E-signatures Are Completed

Mobile e-signature is the most convenient and effective way to use e-signature technology. Just about everyone these days has a smartphone. People keep their phones with them wherever they go. Using smartphones for the transaction ensures rapid results and a streamlined process.

The customer receives a text message or e-mail. The link gives the signer access to the documents to be signed. Both the signature and any other data can be input electronically into the appropriate places on the document, and the document returned to the sender. It’s safe, secure and expedient.

Mobile-optimized documents are an instant and convenient way for your clients to sign digital paperwork. They are also legally recognized and tamper-proof.

Is An E-signature Solution Right For You?

It really depends on how much your company depends on paperwork and having documents or contracts signed. If your business is paperwork heavy, where customers and clientele are required to sign on the dotted line, then adopting e-signature technology makes perfect sense.

There are different e-signature solutions available as well, so it’s important that you first decide what kind of solution you’ll need, then speak with a company that provides e-signature technology about the options available for your business.

The Future Has Arrived

E-signatures complete the digital document process. There’s little point in having all your documents and contracts available electronically without also providing a way for customers to sign those documents electronically as well. E-signatures are fast, safe, secure and legally binding.


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