Innovations are causing major changes in all sectors of the world economy. One of the key areas that have been affected by a techno boom is education. That’s why students are interested in technology as a bridge to future achievements.


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Needless to say that some of the cutting-edge hi-tech tools have already transformed the classrooms and the ways lectures and workshops are conducted. For example, virtual reality envisages experiential learning in colleges and universities. Thanks to it, young promising talents can learn via immersing in a 3D world.


Another great example is cloud computing, which makes possible accessing educational resources from any part of the world and working with docs, images, or video distantly. After all, young people are mad about a pure embodiment of a revolutionary technology – cool gadgets & different apps. Well, nowadays they cant’ imagine their lives without them. In fact, just in one click, you can easily go to and find a lot of interesting info about innovative services and apps for your study & academic writing.


Top 7: the Best of the Best 


Learn with us what 7 top blogs dedicated to technology may be useful for the students in terms of new knowledge and career opportunities. Here is the list:


  1. Wirecutter


This great platform with a 10-year history is currently owned by the New York Times – and this big-name speaks for itself. If you want to know what is the cream of the crop in the world of innovations, just read its posts on a daily basis. It can be compared to traditional mass media because, among contributors, there are professional journalists as well as respected researchers and scientists. Wirecutter covers all novelties in the sphere and keeps you posted all the time. It can be a really trustworthy source for your academic writing.


  1. The Verge


This is a real guide to all hi-tech products and modern trends. Its owner is the world-famous Vox Media that make all efforts to be the first in assessing every new gadget, sometimes before that item is released. There are a lot of interesting articles and personal reviews on this platform. This blog is highly popular among university geeks who are constantly looking for the coolest model of iPhone.


  1. CNET


This project was started back in 1994. You may find even Disney animation on its main page, to name just a few “light” topics from this media giant. Young academicians consider it to be one of the best tech platforms they can find on the Internet. “How-tos” section is really helpful in a daily routine. Presentations of incredible hi-tech products, as well as honest reviews, attract more and more students.


  1. TechCrunch


Only the breaking news from Silicon Valley! Really, since 2005 this top blog has been one of the leaders in the industry. Here you will find reports on new start-ups as well as new products and telecom trends. It even has a set of its own The Crunchies awards. Another perk is a Crunchbase, namely an open database with statistical information.


  1. Mashable


It’s not all about the tech stuff. The platform attracts those who would like to catch up on the different types of content in one place, including politics, economics, banking, movies, music, or travels. The gadgetry section is of particular interest for yuppies and hipsters who are caring for modern toys. With Mashable, you will have a lot of fun, no doubt.


  1. Gizmodo


The blog’s creators claim that they are from the future, providing a very refined content for its readers. Here you will find everything from instructional videos to trusty guides as well as long-reads on science and industry prospects. It’s also a mega-popular news site. Going to buy a laptop or a tablet? Just read this blog, and you will know about all perks and hidden stones of the market.


  1. Wired


To say it honestly, this is an ideal website to kill a few hours online. Wired is a highly popular entertainment platform with a focus on all sides of the modern tech world. Besides, it writes a lot about the culture, politics, science, pop art, and social media. Well, this one is 100% a must-read option on your list.


The current rate of technology acceleration really impresses. So the best tech blogs really help spot new trends and even set them – if to become an author of such a platform. Just keep pace with the industry, and don’t hesitate to check in daily with the most respectable online resources. After all, if you are interested in any product or gadget or want to support your favorite brand – why don’t you write something interesting and public it – on a top web site or your own blog?



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