The company that was once known for African Soap and Hammocks, BEAR BUTT, launches a Kickstarter campaign for a new athleisure clothing collection of jackets, backpacks and sleeping bags to jumpstart sales for the first round of production to be delivered in April 2018.

BEAR BUTT is setting their eyes to become the largest outdoor company in the world. The Kickstarter is launching their new product line which includes jackets, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Ultimately, these products are both breathable, comfortable, and water resistant while incorporating the BEAR BUTT “Slash” into the design to keep it cool and chic.

The Bearbutt Team explains that making a pledge to the BEAR BUTT Kickstarter is more than purchasing a preorder, it is buying into a movement that is changing a lifestyle to be liberating. It is providing men and women the opportunity to obtain quality, when shopping stylish pieces without breaking the bank.

You can visit the Kickstarter page directly and back Bear Butt as they make a ripple in the outdoor industry in 2018.

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