Buying and using cannabis in Canada is legal. As a result, those who are visiting or those moving to the country may now have the ability to purchase cannabis products to fit their needs. There are a few regulations you should know before you invest in any product including where you can buy and how much you can purchase. Canada is one of the few countries where recreational and medical use are legally available.

Know the Laws First

The Cannabis Act made it legal for people in Canada to possess and use cannabis products. It controls the production, distribution, sale, and possession of cannabis throughout the country. The law was put into place in October of 2018. It has several key goals:

  • Keep cannabis products away from youth
  • Keep profits out of the hands of criminals
  • Ensure public health and safety were top of mind by providing legal access

There are several things you should know about possession and use of cannabis within this legal framework.


A person is able to possess up to 30 grams of legally obtained cannabis. This is in dried form or the equivalent of dried cannabis in a non-dried form. This is how much a person can have on his or her possession in public.


A person is able to share up to 30 grams of cannabis. That means a person can purchase product for another person to use – as long as that person meets all legal requirements.


It is possible to purchase cannabis in Canada. It has to come from a provincially licensed retailer. Buying from a licensed Canadian dispensary is critical. This includes the purchase of fresh cannabis as well as cannabis oils. Many of the provinces and territories have put in place their own regulations for managing the sale of this product. If the area does not have this, individuals are able to purchase cannabis from federally licensed producers available.


Canada law allows for some home cultivation of cannabis. To do so, a person needs to purchase from a licensed seed or seedling retailer. They can have up to 4 cannabis plants growing in the home. These can only be used for personal needs and cannot be sold in any way. Some areas have limitations to this process including requiring it to be grown indoors and, in some areas, it has to be in a locked area.

Making products

It is legal for people to turn cannabis into products, including things like drinks or food under the law. There are restrictions on this. In most cases, this is allowable as long as organic solvents are not created using concentrated cannabis products.

Can Visitors to Canada Use Cannabis?

It is illegal for anyone to bring cannabis products of any type over the Canadian border. That includes both entering or leaving the country. In fact, those that do may face a criminal charge with any amount of cannabis in their possession. It applies to all countries even if cannabis is legal in that area.

Aside from this, visitors to Canada are still allowed to use cannabis in the country. That includes meeting all purchasing requirements and age limits within the province or territory you are in.

Where Can You Use Cannabis in Canada?

Now that you own it, how do you get to use cannabis? Across the country, it is illegal to use cannabis in any area where smoking is banned. That generally includes all public buildings. For example, if smoking is banned in a shopping center, you cannot use cannabis there, either.

Some territories and provinces also have restrictions on locations outside of this. For example, many do not allow for the use of cannabis around children, such as near daycares, schools, and parks. It is rarely allowed in sports venues either.

That may mean that the easiest place to use cannabis is in a person’s home. If you are visiting or living in an apartment, the landlord or owner has the legal right to ban consumption and use within their property based on the agreements set. For those who are licensed medical marijuana patients, though, there may be some allowance for growing and using products in the rented homes.

It is also important to note that Canada law does not allow for the use of cannabis while driving. Drug-impaired driving is illegal in the country and doing so can lead to the loss of a person’s license.

Using Cannabis Does Not Have to be Difficult

For those who are planning to use cannabis in Canada, then, it is likely that there are plenty of options available to help make that possible. As long as a person follows the restrictions on when and where to use, and purchased from a licensed dispensary or from the federal government’s online resources, they may be able to get what they need. With both recreational and medicinal use being allowed in the country, and in most forms, it is easy enough to find support for any need you have whether you are seeking a fast high to reduce stress or treatment for chronic pain.

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