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Cannabis delivery is the latest thing to hit the scene and one of the most exciting advancements in the industry since the legalization of recreational marijuana in individual states. Let’s be honest, what stoner hasn’t dreamt of being able to sit back and have their weed delivered. Now, that dream is a reality for California residents!

Want to know what has got everyone so excited? Here is the rundown on what makes California’s cannabis delivery services so awesome: 

California Revolutionized the Cannabis Industry

Before we get into cannabis delivery specifically, we have to talk about what has made California special in cannabis history. First and foremost, California is home to Humboldt County, the legendary remote region located on the northwest coast of the state, away from most major cities. Known for enormous redwoods and crazy-good weed, Humboldt became one of the most prevalent growing regions in the U.S. in the 1970s and fueled much of the underground cannabis economy before legalization. 

California – Los Angeles in particular – is home to tons of well-known and respected cannabis brands like: Puffco, Leafly, Grassroots, and Stiiizy – plus dozens more that prominent celebrities have endorsed. Formerly trailblazing the field of premium cannabis genetics, California is now at the forefront of cannabis tech, assisted by tech innovators’ genius efforts based in Silicon Valley. 

Now, California is blazing a new trail, becoming the first state to legalize widespread delivery of both medical and recreational cannabis products. In turn, making cannabis more accessible to people living in remote areas, people with limited mobility, and anyone that would rather stay home than stands in line at the dispensary. 

Where Can You Get Cannabis Delivered in California?

If you live in California, getting cannabis delivered is as easy as ordering food. Cannabis delivery companies like Ganjarunner can deliver to 90% of California’s residents, offering affordable cannabis products delivered directly to your door by a trusted delivery driver. 

Cannabis products available through delivery services have average prices according to industry standards. However, some offer fantastic deals and discounts on a wide variety of items, making it just as affordable (if not more so) than going to the dispensary. On Ganjarunner, for example, you will find 1/8ths priced between $25 and $60, though they offer plenty of discounts to keep prices down. 

Some delivery services may charge delivery fees (typically between $3 and $10), while others have order minimums to qualify for delivery. However, other delivery services like Ganjarunner offer free delivery with no minimum basket size. Ganjarunner customers only pay for the product, plus a tip for the driver if they did a great job!

Although you can order cannabis via a delivery service in under a few minutes, it may have you spending over an hour looking for something new to try. Companies like Ganjarunner offer a wide variety of premium products from some of the most favorited cannabis brands. Purchase anything from flower in any amount, gourmet edibles, potent cartridges, as well as various tinctures, sublinguals, topical products, and accessories to enhance the experience.

What Makes California Cannabis Delivery So Incredible?

One may wonder: What makes cannabis delivery so much better than going to the dispensary? Online cannabis delivery platforms make it super easy to browse for products at one’s leisure without outside pressure from customers or staff. 

Avoiding traffic and navigating unfamiliar areas, and standing in long lines are all things that make cannabis delivery extra-great. Cannabis delivery is also favorable for those tight on time; it often takes around thirty minutes for the dispensary to deliver the order. Not in a rush? Schedule the delivery time for later or tomorrow if no one will be home for the delivery window. 

Some dispensaries offer discounts on select products, but it is hard for those looking for good deals to compete with a good cannabis delivery service like Ganjarunner. Offering daily and weekly deals on top of already fair and super affordably priced products, you can definitely get more bang for your buck when you shop with a cannabis delivery service

Cannabis delivery drivers are well acquainted with local roads and shortcuts. They know the safest and fastest way to get around for the most efficient delivery times. When cannabis delivery is available, it makes one think, “heck, why bother leaving home at all”! If the inexpensive, top-shelf weed hasn’t been convincing enough, just think about the savings in gas money by having your cannabis delivered instead.

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