There are a lot of those who appreciate cannabis as a natural product and buy or order it, however, not all of them realize that it is possible to grow such a precious plant at home.

If you want to grow cannabis at home, then you should choose the type of seeds to buy:

  • Regular;
  • Feminized;
  • Autoflower.

Let’s talk about each of them and figure out what type is the best for you to grow!

Regular seeds

As we all know, marijuana seeds can be either male or female. If you buy regular cannabis seeds (the most inexpensive option), you will typically get a mixed bag. What is more, when it comes to purchasing regular cannabis seeds, you are very likely to get male seeds. This cannot be a great advantage as most people are interested in buds (can be found only in female plants).

Finally, regular marijuana seeds are “photoperiod” seeds. Plants that are grown from this type of seeds are entirely dependent on light cycles, meaning that you are supposed to control and manipulate light cycles in order to push your plants through all the stages of growth.

Feminized seeds

As you might probably guess, feminized seeds are seeds guaranteed to produce only female plants. The advantage of this type of cannabis seeds is that they will grow into plants that are able to self-pollinate and produce only female seeds (feminized).

Feminized seeds are good for novice growers as they are pretty easy to grow.

Autoflower seeds

Here we come to the most easy-in-use and wide spreading type of marijuana seed -autoflowes seeds.

As was mentioned earlier, other types of cannabis plants depend entirely on light schedule. Such plants usually flower the moment they start getting less light. In this case, in order to grow these plants you should control light cycles all the time.

Autoflower seeds, on the contrary, grow into plants that come to the next stage of development at a certain point of maturity. Light does not affect them at all, which is really convenient for growers.

Autoflower cannabis seeds obviously have more advantages than disadvantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Quick. Autoflower seeds’ vegetation period takes only 2-4 weeks which is very speedy in comparison to their regular counterparts. Sometimes the growth speed is so high that it can take only 50 days from seed to harvest!
  2. Several harvests in a season. Since autoflower cannabis seeds are independent from the climate, growers can collect several harvests in a single season!

All you need to do is to:

  • plant autoflower seeds;
  • grow;
  • harvest;
  • start all over again!
  1. Autoflower marijuana strains’ advantage is that they stay relatively small from seed to harvest. This quality makes them easy to grow, take care of and keep as not everyone can grow 2-3 meters high bushes and trees at home or in backyards.

How to grow Autoflower seeds

In fact, autoflower seeds are very easy to plant and grow, so even those who’ve never tried it will succeed. However, in this article we’ll give you some recommendations both for growing autoflower cannabis seeds outdoors and indoors.

Outdoor autoflower seeds growing

  • Grow autoflower seeds outdoors stealthily. Unwanted attention is the last thing growers want to face;
  • Train your plants.  Take into consideration Low-Stress trainings as they help plants grow more branche that will bring you more buds.
  • Germinate your seeds not long before the previous plant finishes its flowering. You do this because that’s how several harvests can be collected in a single season!

Indoor autoflower seeds growing

  • Avoid overfertilizing. Autoflower cannabis plants are small and undemanding. It is important not to overfeed them with nutrients that may be useful for regular marijuana strains.
  • The more light, the better. Autoflower cannabis plants don’t depend on light cycles, that is why you’d better give your plants as much light as possible. This would benefit them a lot.
  • Prepare your next seeds. In order to collect multiple harvests in one season, you should germinate your autoflower seeds right before the previous plant finishes flowering.

What is the best type of cannabis seed?

Actually, it totally depends on one’s needs, budget and goals. Regular seeds are appropriate for those who have limited finances. Feminized seeds are good for those who do not want to spend time on sorting plants by gender.

Autoflower seeds are the best option for all gardeners – beginners or advanced – as such seeds demand little time, fertilizing and effort.

If your budget is tight, you can always use a coupon code to save on cannabis seeds. With this extra saving, you can purchase those feminized or autoflower seeds that may have seemed out of reach.


All people have different needs and opportunities. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced gardener, you should choose the type of cannabis seeds that is best for you. If you are not ready to spend much time and effort on germinating and growing regular seeds, then it is probably better for you to invest in autoflower cannabis seeds.

Happy gardening!

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