For stoners out there, this year is offering a new variety of cannabis products. The cannabinoid is induced in different ways for you to take. With the legalization of CBDs derived from hemp plants in all fifty states, more cannabinoid products are popping out. Here are the top four major cannabis products you should check out.


The most common cannabinoid product will not be missing from the list this 2021. A pre-rolled joint is still the staple look when you think of cannabis. Of course, this type of product is still popular and offered in the market.

This product is hassle-free for buyers because it is ready to use. You do not need to the work of rolling your own. It is already done for you. You will just need to light it up and smoke.

Pre-rolled cannabinoid products nowadays are not limited to marijuana or weed. There are also pre-rolled CBDs that offer the same high to users, but they can still function properly.

Tinctures And Oil

Cannabis is not only in solid form; it is also available in liquid. This year tinctures and oils are in high demand. These two have a higher effectivity rate because of their bioavailability.

Oils are potent and quite expensive, organic cbd oil is made by extracting the oil from the hemp plant seed, while tinctures use alcohol mixed with CBD components from a hemp plant. Tinctures can be water-based, making them easier to absorb. It is less potent than oil, but it has a longer shelf life. Both are packed in a dropper bottle.


Topicals are a new thing. Usually, cannabis is taken orally, but it is taking a different turn this time. Products this year offer other avenues and are not limited to oral intake.

Topicals are cannabinoid products in the form of a cream, balm, oil, or even bath salt and bomb. You do not eat these or put them in your mouth. These are for external use.

Your skin will absorb the cannabidiol components. You just spread the product in the area where the pain is originating. The CBD will help in reducing inflammation. This is the perfect product for those who use cannabis for medical or therapeutic purposes and instead for pleasure and achieving euphoria.


Edible cannabis has so much potential. There are plenty of kinds of edibles in the market that you can choose from. What is excellent with this type of product, the cannabinoid can essentially be infused in any food or beverage.

It can be in the usual chocolate, brownies, or chocolate. But there are some other creative mediums in the market. When taking edibles, it can be scary for users. Do not worry! With the correct dosage, it will be fine. Compared to other products, edibles have the lowest potency. They are just a fun way of having cannabis, especially for lightweights.

It really is a different year for the cannabis industry. They have widened their market and offered new types of products as well as upgrading the traditional ones. Enjoy looking out for pre-rolled weed, CBD tinctures and oil, topicals, and tasty edibles. Just remember to be a responsible user and be sure it is legal in your state!

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