It is essential to keep the cigars moist for a joyful smoking experience. Most people have humidors at home to preserve the moisture. Do not merely throw your cigars in them and forget about it. You have to follow a few steps before doing so. We will help our readers to keep their products alive with care and attention. You need to adherently follow a few basic rules for a healthy cigar:


Excess of everything is terrible, and too much humidity will make your cigar unsmokeable. However, lack of something is also bad, and too little moisture will deprive you of the taste. A cigar must be stored between 65 to 72 percent of humidity as constant as possible. Your cigars will be kept safe at this time. For this reason, cigar humidors exist and give your cigars shelter for a healthy life. A quality humidor will make sure to maintain the humidity level. Also, do not get a humidor and throw cigars inside because they will dry quickly. So you don’t need to have a huge amount of cigars, you just can add different tastes to your cigar collection from the best ones among Cuban cigars.

You need to season the machine before using it. To do so, you need to have the 84 percent humidity pack, place it inside the empty machine, and leave it for at least two weeks. It will serve around 25 cigars. Make sure that all the wood inside the humidor is ready to store your cigars after every two weeks. Putting in a 69 or 72 percent humidity pack while storing your cigars would be great. We would suggest a 60g pack for every 25 cigars or a 320g pack for every 50 to 150 cigars.

Also, if you reside in a dry place, you have to be wary of your machine. Replace them if you feel them rock hard. That is why we advise tobacco companies to get cardboard cigar boxes wholesale because they preserve the humidity and do not cost much. We need to change our packing approach to make the customer enjoy the cigar.

The Consequences of Under-Humidified Cigars

  • Cracked Wrappers:The cigar wrapper is undoubtedly one of the most fragile and exposed cigars’ parts. A too-dry cigar will lose its oil that presents elasticity to the content and result in cracking with even air.
  • Flavorless: We have seen that dry cigars can lose their oils, and so the flavor is lost. It is quite challenging to detect a premium-quality cigar purchased from a gas station if they are dry.
  • Unpleasant Taste: You have possibly lost all the cigar sugars by now, which is equal to saying that all the flavor has been lost. You are now smoking only dried leaves. Please do not lose hope because you can revive dry cigars, but it will not give the same pleasure. They will be good enough to smoke but not as enjoyable as an organic and moist would taste. That is why we emphasized the over-and under-humidified cigars ruining your smoking session.
  • Delays Burning: Due to overload moisture on the cigar, fire does not light everything as it is supposed to. You will instantly realize that a cigar is over-humidified when your peer smokers are already smoking theirs and you could not even get to light it up.
  • Burn Problems: You know that the cigar wrapper will dry quicker than the binder and filler because it is the thinnest layer of your product. It will make the sides of your cigars burn faster than the center and cause an uneven burn. You will observe ash falling and ending up with an inverted cone of burning tobacco.
  • Cracked Wrapper: Overabundance of moisture swells within the cigar filler like puff pastry and pushes the wrapper to crack, leaving you with a broken cigar.
  • Manipulative Moisture: This method occasionally pushes excess moisture to the cigar’s tip and manipulates you into thinking that your cigar is adequately humidified. Nevertheless, it will go out many times when you are smoking one. You will be stuck into the loop of relighting, giving a bitter taste each time, you relight it.
  • Mold: A cigar fanatic’s worst nightmare is to have molds. It takes place when both temperature and humidity get too much. The chances of mold forming increases as we move past the 70 percent humidity level. Temperature also has a vital role in this process; the same was as moisture. You can say both are directly proportional to each other.

The Final Word

That is why it is vital to manage the humidity level of your cigars to enjoy them perfectly. It represents elegance and gives a classy feeling to the smoker. Those who are cigar aficionados, you must be familiarized with all the knowledge regarding it. Balance the temperature and humidity for a happy smoking session.

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