We often have to put chemicals and repellents in our cupboards to protect valuables from insects/moths. Usually these products leave a horrible smell and don’t look appealing sitting at the floor of your cupboard.

What if we told you we had a solution for all your insect and moth problems? The Household Essentials Cedar Fresh clothes protector and moth repellant value pack has 71 storage accessories that protect your valuables from the bad stuff.

Made from red cedar wood, the accessories are supposed to protect your closets from mildew, moths, pests and mustiness in a safe and natural way without using harmful chemicals. It is also environmental friendly as it is made from naturally harvested aromatic red cedar.

If you feel the aroma of the cedar has decreased or it isn’t working as efficiently as it used to before, you can easily revitalize it. Simply shake the sachets and sand the wood in order to restore its scent and effectiveness.

The value set includes 6 hang ups, 20 rings, 40 cubes and 5 sachets. It can be purchased from Amazon for $12.99 or the cedar value pack with spray bundle for $19 which contains a lavender spray and moth prevention pack.

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