Buying a new car, facing a financial deficit, equipping your house, doing some development works… in the course of your life, financing needs may be many and varied. When there’s not enough money to accommodate your desires, resorting to a loan is the solution. For these types of needs, there’s a special option, dedicated to moderate needs and of short duration. This is applying for short term loans online.


What are your personal needs?


The short term loans are intended to cover moderate needs. Commonly called “consumer credit”, it can be used to cover current expenses when household finances are not sufficient, for example, following a job loss. It’s also great for small projects, not requiring a large budget. It can be a trip abroad, the purchase of a new vehicle, a professional project, etc. With a repayment term of two years, it’s a short-term commitment to a temporary financial need.


Why choose short term loans for personal needs?


The main advantage of short-term loans is low repayment. This financial instrument presents a lower risk for the lending institution, which makes it possible to benefit from more flexible contracts. Since its terms of the grant are much less strict than for long-term options, it allows people who do not have access to traditional loans to benefit from substantial cash flow. It’s a great way to bounce back after a job loss, cope with a move, an unforeseen incident, etc.


Also, short term loans help the borrower repays the amount faster. This makes for a clean credit sheet if you need a larger sum of money and then need a long term loan to finance bigger projects such as the purchase of real estate.


Things to know before getting a short term loan


In general, it is easier to obtain from banks. Also, because of its short repayment period, income requirements are lower.


However, make sure to not stack them unreasonably. Many households tend to buy several short-term loans to carry out small projects. However, this approach, which seems often harmless (and which is more and more popular) can be particularly dangerous for the financial health of the family. If repaying a short-term credit does not represent a heavy financial burden, repaying 4 or 5 may turn out to be exactly that


Short term loans are therefore, the ideal solution to carry out small projects, to invest in yourself or to cope with a temporary financial crisis. Because of its short duration, it is accessible to almost everyone.


Short term loans for business


Although it’s important to have start-up capital to start a business, many entrepreneurs prefer to use loans to fuel their cash flow. Depending on the situation of your company or the possible difficulties it will have to go through in terms of cash, there is a solution corresponding to your needs. Let’s see if short term loans are the best solution for your business,


The cash facility


This loan makes it possible to manage the immediate cash outflows charges and fixed invoices, contributions …) according to the offset provided for the cash receipts. It consists of a debit authorization in a transitional account. This is a usable credit over a short, predefined monthly period.


Signing the contract stipulating deadlines, periods and interest rates that are necessarily subsequent to the use of cash facilities. Authorized delays and amounts are negotiated and set based on known or anticipated operating requirements.


The conditions of the agreed cash facilities are renegotiated each year after consulting all your accounting documents (balance sheet profit, and loss account…) to agree whether or not it is necessary to modulate them according to an evolution of your activity.




The short term loan (for personal needs or for businesses) seems to be the best option in many cases.


Of course, individual consideration is needed before jumping in and getting the money. There are many banks that are ready to offer amazingly reasonable financing solutions and then there are alternative methods like peer to peer lending platforms. Not all have the same profile and P2P platforms are considered high risks in case of defaults and other general macro financial events,


Are short term loans the solution for you?


The decision is up to you!

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