If you are a Christian teacher, you should never stand still and be complacent. You should always be striving to improve. After all, you have a vital role in the development of your students and their belief in Christianity.


With this in mind, this article focuses on how you can best inspire your students, and how you can ensure they have the best experience learning about religion.

Maintain a Powerful Sense of Mission


First things first, you have to remember why you became a Christian teacher in the first place. God has called for you to serve him in the classroom where you can have a positive impact changing the lives of others.


It’s a simple point, but one you to always keep in mind. Never forget the general outline of this mission.

Always Think Biblically


While the planet is constantly changing and you have to move with it, this doesn’t mean you should forget biblical teachings. In fact, a biblical view should be the starting point for any situation.


That’s right. It doesn’t matter if nobody else agrees with it, or if it’s not a popular opinion. His Word from God is the truth. So it doesn’t matter what crops up — whether it’s subject advice or girl drama — remember to take it on with a biblical perspective before anything.

Never Stop Learning


The Bible and all its teachings have been around for a long time. Everyone’s well aware of that fact. However, this doesn’t mean that new information doesn’t constantly crop up in relation to Christianity. The world is a constantly evolving beast, and Christian teachings have to keep up with these changes.


To help stay on top of your game, there are many different online courses that can refresh your approach to Christianity. As an added bonus, some of these courses will maintain your ACSI certification upon completion.

Have Love for Your Students


When you consider the positive power that love possesses, you should always try to impart it as much as possible. This is especially the case when it comes to the students you teach. If you show love to your students, they will feel this energy and respond in a positive fashion.


However, demonstrating a genuine love for your students is not always simple. For instance, there could be a child in class who is playing up and not being lovable themselves. Remember: love isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice. So even on those days where it seems hardest, never forget to show love.

Grow a Strong Connection with God


For a Christian, the most important aspect to a fulfilling life is having a strong connection with God. This includes imparting his teachings in the classroom. Thankfully, it’s easy to build a close relationship with God by simply reading His Word and praying regularly. Although it’s best not to think of it as a ritual — it’s a case of listening and asking God for advice.


With this strong connection, it’s simple to know what your students will need.



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