In an age where large services like Netflix and Hulu cater to mass audiences, niche services have seen a surge in popularity. Such platforms offer tailored experiences, focusing exclusively on a particular genre or topic. In this article, we are introducing another TV platform with a primary mission: meeting the needs of the Albanian diaspora across the USA and Canada – TVALB.

What TVALB has to Offer to the Albanian Community in the USA and Canada

#1 Rich content library

TVALB’s main objective is to provide the Albanian community in the USA and Canada with access to Albanian TV. Viewers can explore over 250 Albanian TV channels originating from Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

The TVALB service brings popular channels from top-tier providers, such as Artmotion, Tring, and Kujtesa. This is how the company fulfills its purpose of enabling Albanian viewers abroad to maintain their connection with their native land via the consumption of national and local content.

Subscribers watch all popular Albanian TV shows and programs, including the latest season of Big Brother VIP Kosova. The new season has already started. Don’t miss out.

#2 Compatibility with many devices

Viewers are empowered to watch their favorite programs on any device, including mobile phones, Smart TVs, and laptops.

The range of devices available for access depends on the chosen subscription plan. The package for an individual grants access to content collection on a mobile device, while the 3-in-1 package includes compatibility with Smart TVs, laptops, and smartphones.

TVALB also sends a set-top box with Wi-Fi to its subscribers, providing free shipping.

#3 Catch-up functionality

Watching TV programs on TVALB is convenient due to the catch-up functionality. The feature allows viewers to watch shows they may have missed or rewind and fast-forward scenes as needed.

Drawing the Line

The TVALB platform is the #1 choice of 90% of the Albanian community across the USA and Canada. It offers them premium TV channels telecasted in their homeland, ensures availability on multiple devices, provides flexible subscription plans, and introduces catch-up functionality, making it the ultimate platform for staying in touch with Albania and its culture. While TVALB serves viewers in the USA and Canada, NimiTV is an alternative shqip TV app in European countries, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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