Do you want to know what your butterfly pin symbolizes? Are you curious about the meaning of a dolphin ring your friend wears? Or maybe you want to surprise your loved one with a cat pendant but you are not sure what connotation this symbol carries? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place because we are going to tell you what the most popular animal symbols denote. So buckle up, we’re about to start our little journey across meaningful jewelry. The best place to buy animal rings is Gthic. You can click to visit.




If you are looking for a sterling silver animal ring or pendant, there are quite a few symbols you can meet. Below, we elaborated on the meaning of some of them.


Hare is an ideal symbol for babies. It is believed that hares protect kids from diseases and help them build a happy adult life.


A cat safeguards its owner against envious glances. In order to strengthen the protective properties of a cat amulet, you should wear it somewhere around your shoulder.


A horse will appeal to creative people. It symbolizes imagination and thinking outside of the box. In the East, people are sure that a horse patronizes anyone who needs protection from evil spirits.


An elephant is a powerful symbol that incorporates all the desires of a person including power, fortitude, financial viability, personal happiness, and compassion for one’s neighbor.


A dog is a symbol of people with hypersensitive perceptions. Dog jewelry is a protector that won’t allow other people’s negative energy to impact the wearer.


They say that a frog is capable of restoring its owner’s health. From time immemorial, it has been patronizing artisans, especially those who weave carpets and linens. Traditionally, frogs made of metal are worn below the heart.




A dove, the so-called bird of peace, is one of the most common characters in jewelry for ladies. It symbolizes loyalty and friendship (remember the Home Alone 2 movie? Kevin gives a vagabond lady a dove from an expensive toy store). On top of that, a piece of jewelry depicting a dove would signify meekness and pure intentions.


A swallow personifies the clarity of the chosen path and serious aspirations. A person who wears swallow jewelry will certainly achieve his or her goals.


An owl is a symbol of the sixth sense. They say that an owl represents clairvoyance as well as the ability to predict the future and look through time. If you picked a piece of jewelry with an owl subconsciously, it may be a sign that you have these superpowers.


A crow is a symbol of power and wisdom. Laymen associate this bird with dark magic but this is nothing but a stereotype. From ancient times, a crow has been a personification of mind and experience. Crow jewelry may reveal you as a person other people would turn to for advice.


A swan is probably the main symbol of love and relationships. Along with that, this gracious bird represents fidelity and soulfulness.


Water dwellers


A fish is a long-standing symbol of Christ. Thousands of years ago, when body crosses did not exist at all, Christians wore jewelry that vaguely resembled a fish. This symbol indicated the affiliation with their religion. Interestingly, in different countries, a fish has a different meaning:


– in Japan, this is a symbol of masculinity,

– Europeans, on the contrary, deem it as a female symbol;

– in China, a fish represents a silent and wise person;

– Americans believe that fish promise happiness and abundance.


A Dolphin signifies a sharp mind, monogamy, and loyalty. Peculiarly, all these qualities are inherent in the sea mammals for real.


Jellyfish personifies a person’s desire to find his or her inner self. As it were, it tells others: “This person tries to achieve a balance between actions and thoughts as well as bring harmony into their spiritual world.”




You’ll be surprised but one of the most popular symbols in jewelry, butterfly, has a contradictory significance. On the one hand, a butterfly is one of the oldest symbols of paradise. It personifies easy naturalness and sociability. On the other hand, a butterfly as a symbol speaks of carelessness and inconstancy. Therefore, before buying any jewelry with this beautiful creature, make sure it aligns with your ideas about a happy life.


Ladybug jewelry brings luck. If you want your wish to come true, enlist the support of a small gold or silver ladybug accessory.


A chafer beetle is a patron saint of merchants, dealers, sellers, and every person involved in a trade. If your friend or paramour works as a salesperson, a beetle-shaped keychain or pendant will help them in their endeavors.


Some would think that a fly is not the most appealing symbol out there. Along with that, you can see the flying insect in Philipp Plein and Hermes collections. The reason why designers have an affinity for a fly is that it features lots of positive meanings. Among others, a fly symbolizes healthy and strong business relations. A person wearing jewelry with this symbol keeps his or her word and confidently conducts business.


For the ancient Slavs, a bee was a symbol of love. When pollinating flowers, it cared for them, i.e. loved them. Subsequently, the insect acquired additional symbolism – purposefulness and industriousness.


A scarab is a symbol born in ancient Egypt. They said that scarab jewelry gave its owner courage and fearlessness necessary in battles.


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