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Who wouldn’t fall in love with pearl necklaces? Their classic, elegant, and unique beauty are enough to lure women. No doubt, it is one of the common types of jewelry pieces many ladies wear in various special events and gatherings.

OK, so they look nice. But would you be surprised to learn that pearls may even have some health benefits?

Pearl necklace – a jewelry piece to beat. It stands for charm, purity, and love. It is popularly used anywhere and everywhere. Unlike other gemstones, the pearl is created in mollusks that can be found in both saltwater and freshwater. Mainly, it is calcium carbonate, which gives us an explanation on why some healers and Feng Sui experts suggest wearing pearls as a delicate calcium supplementation for a healthy body.

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Pearls have unique attributes that make it a sought-after gemstone, including rare beauty, water, and fluid motion.

Women love wearing this piece because according to them, it signifies wisdom gained through experience. The lessons they learned from these experiences helped them to become stronger and wiser. What’s more, the pearl is known as well for its capacity to balance the person’s aura and its powerful calming effects.

Also, more and more ladies turn to a pearl necklace because it increases their facial luster and beauty. Whether it is working at the office, attending big occasions, or an outing for lunch, pearl never disappoints. Plus, an intricately designed pearl jewelry piece can express your eccentricity and show your confidence.

So what’s it all come down to? Pearls, according to ancient Chinese medicine:

  • Provide positive energies in the human body – firming up your mind, clearing mental tensions, and promoting sound sleep
  • Relieve diseases of intestines, throat, eyes, and stomach
  • Promote circulation of blood and release stiffness all through the treatment pain, habit headache, chest pain, fatigue, insomnia, constipation, and other systemic relief symptoms
  • Reduce or stop the patient’s cough
  • Alleviate the effects of concussions as a result of a bad temper
  • Balance emotions, especially anger
  • Promote stability and mental peace
  • Help with fertility
  • Ease the discomfort and pain of childbirth
  • Supports the treatment of hyperthyroidism and chronic laryngitis
  • Regulate a normal heartbeat in patients with high blood pressure
  • Neutralize poison and lower acidity
  • Offer a tranquilizing effect, especially the freshwater pearl necklaces

Wearing a pearl necklace not only makes you look stunning and sophisticated but improves the quality of your life and health, too. While it may be difficult finding perfect natural pearls, online stores have something for you at competitive price points.

Moreover, pearl necklaces are highly popular as the pear itself can be able to attract wealth and luck. It will bring energies of abundance and prosperity. Also by having this stone with you, you will invite fame, fortune, and success.

What’s the best combination to use with pearl necklaces?

There are many other crystals and unique gemstone necklaces you can combine with your pearl necklace, especially its healing properties.

You can pair it with jade, blue lace, amethyst, epidote, etc. to boost the immune system, while a combination of pearl with fuchsite, hematite, green calcite, etc. can prove effective at relieving pain.

Pearl necklaces are indeed a fashionable, classic, beautiful, and versatile piece of jewelry that can be proudly worn by all women irrespective of their age or fashion style. Numerous styles are available these days that prove to be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. However, this also means that it will be challenging on your part to find the right pearl necklace that will complement well with your neck.

When looking for a necklace, check their rating. Pearl necklaces are usually rated A, B, C, & D. A is for pearls with the superior quality, while D is for the pearls that are rated low. When it comes to luster, shape, and blemishes, they have similar criteria for grading the pearls.

The shape varies depending on the kind of pearl you pick up. But typically, the seamlessly rounded pearl has the highest grade due to its rarity. The luster is the amount of glow that the gemstone produces, while the blemishes are the imperfections including scratches, wrinkles, dots, and bubbles.

White and cream are the most common pearl necklace colors, but other colors are also available like bronze, brown, grey, pink, silver, black, and gold. It also comes in various types: Tahitian, south sea, Akoya, and freshwater pearl necklaces. If any of these benefits attract you, then getting one for your next important event or even daily should be considered.

So, may this article give you manifest enlightenment as to why pearl necklaces are a must-have item in any jewelry collection.

Wear them and be noticeable!


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