Many of us have experienced the feeling of putting together a seemingly perfect outfit — only to realize we lack the right shoes to anchor it. Another universally related conundrum is shoes that look great for the occasion but hurt your feet and make walking difficult after a while.


Both situations can put a real damper on what would otherwise be a standout fashion moment in your life.


Rather than running out and snapping up more shoes with the hope of hitting upon the right pair, consider instead how to round out your wardrobe with the most essential types of footwear.


Here are seven types of shoes to add to your closet if you haven’t already.


White Sneakers


White sneakers sound pretty basic. But they’re actually one of the most versatile fashion staples you can own. Case in point: Classic white sneakers work with jeans, athleisure, all-black outfits, dresses, office wear and almost any other outfit you can imagine.


Whether you’re trying to tone down a formal look or dress up a casual one, you can’t go wrong investing in whichever white sneakers speak to your sense of style.


Designer Sneakers


There are sneakers you’d work out in and those you wouldn’t — like a pair of more formal leather sneakers, for example. This footwear is better suited to a sophisticated dinner out with friends or a day out shopping. It’s still meant to be comfortable and sturdy, but the emphasis is on achieving an elegant look with upscale materials.


Flat Sandals


The last thing you want to realize, during the first heatwave of summer, is your closet is devoid of a great sandal. And, worse, you’ll have to rush to buy new sandals and break them in on the fly. Do yourself a favor; invest ahead of time in a stylish flat sandal you can wear to the beach, brunch, your favorite coffee shop, a summer party and anywhere else on your warm-weather itinerary.


Evening Heels


Even if you’re not a huge fan of heels in general, it’s still a savvy idea to have at least one pair of tried-and-true evening-worthy heels tucked away in your closet. They’ll come in handy for your friend’s wedding, drinks with your college friends or that after-hours work event you have to attend once per year. Choosing a pair of well-crafted, neutral heels will increase the odds they will work with everything else you own.


Ankle Boot


The fun thing about ankle-length boots is there are simply so many looks from which to choose. You can opt for classic low ankle booties, or you can go for something a bit more grunge-inspired. Ankle boots also come in almost any heel height imaginable. There are tie-front ankle boots, zippers and slide-ons. Materials range from leather to suede and synthetics.


Ankle boots also come in a wide range of price ranges. One thing to note is all designer shoes tend to put a premium on craftsmanship and materials, so they tend to last longer and feel better throughout their lifetime.


Professional Pumps


Thankfully, comfortable and cute are not mutually exclusive qualities in the case of work-worthy pumps. It’s possible to look polished and remain snug throughout the workday so you can focus on your job rather than the blisters emerging on your tootsies.


Sophisticated Mules


Mules have a front but no back, which explains why Refinery 29 refers to them as the “mullets of the shoe family.” But the publication also points out that historical figures from Marie Antoinette to Marilyn Monroe have worn versions of the mule, proving their style and comfort is timeless.


Adding these seven essential types of shoes to your wardrobe will ensure you have flawless footwear for any occasion.



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