Welcome to the world of bedding! Though the bed is only one element in your bedroom, there are so many layers and options for what to put on your bed! From fitted sheets to memory foam pillows, there are plenty of different types, materials, and sizes of bedding. 

One of the bedding aspects that can make the most difference in your bedroom is the quilt or doona. Also sometimes referred to as a comforter, these are large filled blankets that go on top of your normal bed sheets. These are typically decorative in style, but also provide an extra layer of warmth and insulation while you sleep. 

Manchester Warehouse has a wide variety of quilts and doonas to choose from. To help understand all there is to offer, we have broken it down into the different things to consider when shopping for your doona or quilt. 

Quilt & Doona Sizes

There is a large selection of different sizes to pick from when shopping for your quilt or doona. Like t-shirt quilts from Project Repat, sizes may vary based on your t-shirts. This is greatly determined by your bed size. For example, a double quilt size would be perfect for a single mattress, as it drapes nicely over the ends of the bed, giving a tailored and put together look. A queen size quilt on the other hand would be great for a queen sized or double sized bed. Typically, you will want to match the quilt size to your bed size, or get a size up, as this creates that bedding overhang which is nice to hide the bedframe of your bed.

If you need better assistance in selecting the right quilt size for your bed, we encourage you to check out our Sizing chart that is suitable for Australian standard bed sizes. 

Quilt & Doona Material

There are two main types of material when it comes to doonas and quilts. These are down and synthetic. Down is a natural bedding option, made from goose or duck feathers. It is lightweight and is an excellent insulator, keeping you super warm during even the coldest of nights. Down quilts are also very breathable, helping evaporate sweat and moisture from under the covers. While they have excellent benefits, since they are made from animal, they sometimes carry a bit of a natural odor. Another aspect of down is that they can be pricier than their alternative synthetic counterpart. 

Synthetic, polyester filled quilts are made from plastic fibers and are the most common insert material for bedding. Because of this, they are relatively inexpensive, making them ideal for those on a bedding budget. These are also a good material for those sensitive to allergies. Synthetic quilts tend to not hold up as long as down, meaning that you have to replace your bedding more frequently. 

Quilt & Doona Styles 

Whatever your style, there are so many options of doonas and quilts available. If you are into color, a rich solid quilt is perfect for adding a pop to your bedroom. You can add some additional glam to a solid by choosing one with tassels, fringe, or embroidery, giving it extra texture and depth. 

If you are someone interested in patterns and prints, Manchester Warehouse has a wide selection of patterns and prints to pick from. Does your bedroom have a more soft and sweet vibe? A bold floral quilt is perfect for a romantic bedroom setting. Like something a little more modern? Try a fun geometric quilt. There are so many different options to choose from, you are sure to find one to fit your design style to a tee! 

Understanding all these differences in the types of doonas and quilts available, you have more knowledge and a better sense in selecting the right bedding for your bedroom and sleeping needs. Happy Shopping! 

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