When gifts are your love language, it can often be misconstrued as materialism and greed. It can even be viewed as an attempt to flaunt money. These myths could not be further from the truth. Here are a few things that you need to know about someone who speaks this love language.

Thoughtfulness and Intention

When these people give you a gift, it isn’t as simple as just being a trinket. Most times, it will be something that means something to you and your partner. For example, if your partner knows that you love Koala bears, it won’t be too often that they will see a Koala and not think of you. Getting a random gift is their way of saying, “I thought of you today.” There are gifts for different occasions. It’s their way of showing you how important you are to them. Many people whose love language is gift-giving, may not be very physically affectionate. This is their way of showing you that affection. Their intent is to make you feel good. It makes them extremely happy to see you smile when receiving a gift.

It’s not about Materialism

When someone gives gifts to express their love for someone, gifts can take on many different forms. While there may be times that they give you expensive gifts like jewelry and electronics, many of the gifts with be thoughtful and practical. For example, if you are a girl that loves her makeup, your partner may go out and buy you an expensive set of brushes or even the newest Jeffrey Star palette. This gift is not only designed to show you that he pays attention to the things that you like but also he is supporting your passion.

It is important to not compare your place in this person’s life based on the price tag on your gift. A gift that cost several thousands of dollars is not greater than a handmade gift in sentiment. So don’t feel let down if the next gift is not as fancy as the last.

Not All Gifts can be Wrapped

A very important thing to remember is that gift-giving is about intention. Sometimes it’s all about the experience. More than anything some gifts are about the memories. For example, if your dream vacation is to be somewhere on the beach sipping mimosas, don’t be surprised when your love plans the perfect beach outing for the two of you. Instead of giving a material gift, your partner may opt to take you on a trip that incorporates all your favorite things. He hears you when you say there are just not enough date nights and romance. You can look forward to days on the beach looking for seashells while your evenings are made up of romantic walks and candlelight dinners. He’ll never forget the smile you have on your face while you enjoy making new memories. Your smile lets him know that he’s done well by you.

It can be difficult to interpret a love language when it is not your own. Take the time to talk and enjoy the love your partner is showing you.

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