A common mistake many make, especially in the early years of their marriages and partnerships, is thinking that only on special occasions should you splash out on a gift for your loved one.

Clearly it’s understandable that you choose to display your love and affection for your partner on those days that signify the most; wedding days, engagements, birthdates of children or even when you first met. However you shouldn’t rely upon just these specific dates to show just how much they mean to you.

A present received outside of these ‘special’ days will almost always trump those given on the dates when these gifts are expected. The main reason for this is that they show that you have elected to think outside the box, gone that extra mile to surprise them with a genuinely heartfelt commemoration of their love.

To help get your brain into gear, and to help bring some imagination to your ideas, here are seven possible ways you can spoil your wife.

Plan a Surprise Vacation

Dependent on where your location stands in terms of COVID restrictions, planning a surprise trip might be the perfect way to spoil your wife. Arranging a short break is very easy and if this requires traveling overseas then you’ll have to secure your wife’s passport and of course inform relevant workplaces.

You can then surreptitiously take her to the airport or relevant mode of transport and pack a bag for her and she will no doubt be more than pleasantly surprised. This kind of gift shows you have gone to the lengths of planning the event and that shows real dedication and thoughtfulness.

Get Her a Great Item of Personalized Jewelry

How about a nice piece of jewelry but with a twist. This could come in the form of personalized items just as a name necklace that can either be a dedication from or to you. The reason this works well is two-pronged. 

Firstly the jewelry will impress from a decorative level, especially if you know your wife well enough to pick out something that fits her style. Secondly if it’s personalized it has a secondary meaning that gives it an additional layer of significance.

Book a Spa Day With Her Friends

A good way to pamper your wife is to spoil her with a day, or weekend, of spa treatments. Now some of you may like to join your significant others on such trips but in all honesty they might enjoy it more with friends of a similar disposition.

Get in touch with your wife’s best pals and get them on board and then they can surprise her by taking them to the spa and by doing so you’ve helped to spoil your wife and get extra bonus points by perhaps not attempting to enjoy something that you might not truly like.

Put Together a Memory Book

Now this type of gift doesn’t cost the earth but means a great deal. If you’ve been together with your wife for a number of years and you have countless great memories to look back on, why not put together a great ‘memory’ book.

This can be put together with the aid of relevant photos and trinkets from your time together. You could even revisit some of these locations and take additional imagery to make the book feel more of a ‘living’ document that helps display your love and loyalty.


Now it’s true that the gift of flowers isn’t new or a trendsetting option but there’s simply no denying the effect the gift of a great bouquet has. Here what works best is the element of surprise.

Perhaps this means sending a stunning array of roses to her workplace or leaving them in the house when you are away. It’s the act of surprise that matters most here and therefore this is one of those occasions that should not be isolated to anniversaries and can simply be a great Monday morning gift.

Write to Her

The gift of a handwritten love letter is something that has died with the advent of the internet age, but don’t underestimate just how powerful the written word can be. Take the time to pen something imaginative, something heartfelt and genuine.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but it helps, you just need to be able to express those emotions that you might keep locked away inside. Take your time with this and if it helps, write in private somewhere you can truly reflect on your feelings.

Then, when you have something you are truly proud of, instead of placing this in a hallmark card on a special occasion, write it in a letter and mail it to her. We very rarely receive anything in the post that isn’t an Amazon package or junk mail.

The look on her face when she receives the letter will be profoundly astounding. 

Take Her On a Picnic

This features among the more down-to-earth type of ways to spoil your loved one but it’s one that can be easily planned and will go down well. 

On a day when the weather looks like it will work in your favor, pop to the local deli and pick up some nice treats and a bottle of something sparkly, pack them in your car and then just playfully invite your wife for a drive, then take her out to a nice spot in the country or an inner city park if that’s more relevant.

If the place you choose to visit has some significance to the two of you, then this is an additional bonus. Also, don’t worry if it starts to rain, this will make it all the more memorable and you can then simply continue the picnic in the car under a blanket.

An Endless Number of Ways to Spoil Your Wife

To be honest, finding ways to spoil your wife is pretty much endless. They can be made up of specific things that you know your partner will enjoy, activities that appeal to her specific eccentricities. Perhaps your wife would absolutely love going skydiving or maybe the idea of stepping on a plane at all would set into a fit of panic.

That’s why the list we’ve provided is geared to suit most couples but you know your wife better than anyone and therefore you are more ideally suited than anyone and are therefore best suited to finding a gift or occasion that will truly wow her. 

All you need is the imagination to dream something up and the commitment and devotion to put the plan into action.

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