Do you remember the last gift you gave your wife, mom, daughter, grandma or friend?  More importantly, does she remember the gift?  Millions of gifts are given each day and the overwhelming majority are BORING!  Sure, she may be able to fake a smile and give you a halfhearted “thank-you” but you can tell she is just being polite.   You know that gift will end up in the back of the closet or soon find a new home at the local thrift store.


I have yet to meet anyone who wants to give boring gifts.  So why are so many given?  Most boring gifts are the result of a lack of time or a lack of know how.   We all live busy lives and it can feel like there is always another gifting occasion just around the corner.   Who has the time to spend hours searching the web or wandering department store isles looking for a great gift?  Even if you have the time do you really know what she wants?   Chances are that you do not.  So, what are we to do?   Do we give up and just keep giving boring gifts?   No!!


If you want to give a gift that she will remember and cherish very much, why not consider a custom personalized gift? Such gifts can be of a specific style depending on the occasion, preferences, etc. has a great selection of craft gifts such as custom coins, pins, keychains and more. You can add text, photos and other personal elements. This must be a precious and interesting gift.


Gifts for Women Made Easy and Fun 


Stop trying to pick gifts on your own.  You don’t change your own oil, cut your own hair or perform your own root canal.    You hire experts to save you time and/or headaches.    The same idea should apply to gifting.   Why not let a gifting expert select a gift that is exciting, trendy and fun.  The experts at Brilliant Gifts are up-to-date on all the latest gifting trends and are passionate about building gifts that women really want.  Instead of selecting a single item from a website with 10 million different products you can select a themed gift box based on interest, hobby, style, fashion, age or occasion.   From jewelry to home décor, young girls to grandma, birthdays to anniversaries and snacks to hobbies we have the perfect gift for every woman in your life.  Each gift box or crate includes several unique, hand selected gifts she will love.  As an added bonus, many of the items can be personalized with custom engraving at no additional cost.  Personalized gifts for mom are always a more thoughtful gift.


Beautiful Personalized


Beautiful Personalized Gift Crates for Women 


Selecting the perfect gift is only half the battle.  You now need to package that gift in a manner that will “WOW” her.   Don’t worry, Brilliant Gifts has you covered there too.   Every Brilliant Gift ships in a custom decorative gift box or a personalized wooden gift crate.    These crates can be personalized with her name or favorite saying.   This keepsake gift packaging is too nice to discard and will be kept and used as home décor or storage.  We also have a fun gift experience where we seal her gift in a shipping crate and ship it along with a pry bar in a cardboard box.   When she receives the gift she will have to work to get it open.   You’ll want to have your phone ready to film because this is a “social media” worthy experience.


Never Give a Boring Gift Again 


With Brilliant Gifts you will never have to sit through a halfhearted thank you or fake smile again.   She is guaranteed to love the gift and will love you for giving it to her.  Bring back the excitement to women’s gift when you gift brilliantly.


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