Errrrr!. no gift for your date whom you met last week in the office cafeteria?

No shitting mate…..! Time to chuck those old traditional gifts like teddies, chocos, etc. it’s time to upgrade your gift after all!

Weird looking thumb, (as it may look like initially) flash drive sounds great to your partner whom you are dating in office from last week.

Remembered, the first meet you guys met in the last office party, and you guys were drunk enough to think of exchanging your numbers, right!! Yeah, now you recall!

Then you didn’t show up each other for a long time, all of a sudden, deadline came up for a project submission, and you lost your pen drive that had the entire lead sales presentation of your company’s project to client!

Jezzzz man… she/he came up seeing you working late after office hours, finally just to do your work and gift you her/his pen drive. Time to return the favor now, when you are planning to date him/her in this February’s season of valentine. So thinking to hit a coffee shop with melodious romantic tune playing at your back from a violin?

This is the chance to gift a cool looking unique thumb figure 32 GB memory flash drive to your date. Being a useful gift item, it’s the best way to make your partner feel ‘awe…. That’s cute babe’!

Prior to it’s different and cool look, this befits perfect gift for breaking the blue of your closed ones, as it features

  • 32 GB data storage which suits almost every version of Windows, NT Linux, ME, Mac OS version of laptop/desktop
  • Suitable for data storage, storing music, photos, movies, designs, etc. multifunctional needs
  • Enhanced with high reading and writing speed from any electrical storage, it’s grip is always good. This portable 2.0 device is smart to carry, light easy and good to go for plug and play.
  • High-speed transfer and low power consumption
  • Supportive to almost every PC desktop and laptop models like Toshiba, Dell, HP, etc.

What ?? started liking your boss, but worried about being frank with your feeling? Noooooo way dude!!.. Wrap it up in a little cute gift paper and add few lines like ‘weird gift from your secret admirer’ keep it on his/her table and wait for her to open it!

However, it’s better to avoid your name if it’s a prank that you are trying to play, coz you never know it’s pissing him/her or not!  But…. It’s a gift for all to remember. These thumb looked gifts are available in stores. Buying them is easy for you.

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