Technology is amazing. It is the marriage of functionality and science. Just about everyone has someone in their life who considers themselves to be a techie.  He or she is that person who must get the newest iPhone the moment it hits the market, and who prides themselves on knowing what’s on the forefront of engineering. Buying birthday gifts for that person can be difficult, as it is highly likely that they already have everything.  Stressing that whatever you gift them, won’t be fully appreciated, because it lacks a cybernetic edge, doesn’t have to be a problem.

Captioned below are birthday gift ideas for the loved ones in your life, who marvel at technology:

  • Cordless Eye Strain Reducing Lamp – As is likely the case, your techie person probably spends a lot of time in front of their computer. Help them take some of the stress off of their eyes with this unique and highly functional gift.
  • Egift Cards Combine modern technology with cash, by giving your favorite techie an egift card. Easy and convenient, these cards can be instantaneously purchased, and sent via email or text. The recipient will be empowered to pick the coveted technological wonder they crave. Egift cards make a great present for Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.  Your parents are up leveling their techie skills, too.
  • Handbag Light – No more rummaging around blindly for her keys or wallet, a handbag light will turn on automatically, when it senses her hand. It’s battery operated, and perfect for the tech lover in your life, who carries all of her gadgets around with her!
  • Magnetic Smart Phone Car Mount – This gift puts the smart phone where it can be safely utilized. When he or she mounts this beauty to the dashboard, air vent, or CD slot, they will discover that it’s universal, and accepts all sizes of cell phones, and cases.  It Includes a protective metal plate to safeguard smartphone hardware.
  • Bedside Smartphone Vase – The ultimate in merging technology with décor, this gift allows for fresh cut flowers to be showcased inside the vase, while simultaneously propping a smart phone, upright, onto the base, keeping the charging cable hidden from view. It’s techie and innovation symbiosis.
  • Smart Plug – Techies will appreciate this huge step toward having a complete smart home. The smart plug aligns with Alexa and adds voice to any outlet.  The recipient will be able to program lights, appliances, and fans, to turn on and off, control them while they are away, or use voice commands to set them into motion, at any time.
  • Digital Counting Money Jar – Regardless of how high tech one person can strive to become, they will always have loose change lying around. The birthday celebrant can put this highly functional gadget to good use by depositing all his or her coinage into this digital counting money jar.  They will see, with every penny, nickel, dime, and quarter, precisely how much they are saving.  Who doesn’t love to see their savings increase?
  • AirTags – No more lost keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, or virtually anything else you can attach these AirTags to, for tracking functionality! Used with an iPhone to easily locate items that have gone missing, this is a time saving device that any multi-tasking techie will appreciate.
  • Innerage Tracker – Birthdays may change a techies, or anyone’s, chronological age, but what about their biological age? Birthdays are a great time to start a journey toward health and wellness, and this software reveals areas for improvement, as well as ways to track progress.
  • Mini Photo Printer – With Bluetooth capability, this gift lets the celebrant print right from her or his Smartphone.  It prints photos from videos, and adds filters to tweak photos. Is there anything this snazzy little gadget can’t do?
  • Self-Cleaning Water Bottle – While the debate over the healthfulness of water bottles vs. tap water rages on, move past all of the commotion, with a self-cleaning water bottle. Using UV-C LED light, this gadget not only cleans the inside of the water bottle, but also the water itself.
  • Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses – What could be more awesome than basking in the sun, and listening to tunes? This gadget does both functions for the wearer, safely. The sunglasses, which are scratch and shatter-resistant, connect via Bluetooth, for a tech experience like no other.
  • BlissLights – This LED laser star projector turns any room into a night under the stars, by projecting a field of blue stars around a nebulae cloud. It’s a holographic experience that is sure to create a one-of-a-kind ambience, for both kids, and adult techies.
  • Sleep Dot Sleep Tracker – What’s cool about this little gadget is that the birthday techie doesn’t have to attach it to their body, for it to work. It attaches to a pillow, and analyzes the quality of their sleep, with the objective of making healthful daily improvements.
  • Fingerprint Travel Lock – No more fumbling with luggage keys, or lock combinations! This fingerprint travel lock allows for increased security, as well as ease of use. It stores up to 5 fingerprints, and offers the option to create a unique code, for increased peace of mind.

With every day unlocking cooler, and more useful, technology gadgets, there is always something new available for the tech-lover in your life. Help them celebrate their birthday with the gift of an intriguing, and exciting technological wonder, that encompasses their love of gadgetry, while making their life more adventurous, healthier, more organized, and easier to manage.

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