We give gifts all year round, for holidays, for birthdays, to say Thank You, and sometimes just because we want to see someone’s eyes light up in delight. But sometimes gift giving can be a challenge especially for the person who seems to have it all. We want to pick a gift that the person will love. We want them to always remember that we care about them but sometimes we have no idea where to start looking for a gift. If you have ever felt confused about what gift you might want to give someone here are some timeless suggestions that you can give to anyone no matter the celebration.


Everyone enjoys something that they can wear each and every day that reminds them of how much they mean to other people. Accessories can cover a wide range of items including high end fancy moissanite jewelry, a practical belt, a signature coat, or even some fun socks.  Accessories can be serious or just for fun, can be understated or bold, can be muted or colorful. Some accessories make great gifts because they are practical, such as a portable humidifier.  

Accessories are also a great chance to show how well you know someone. It does not matter if someone really likes a sports team, a tv show or film, a type of food, a musical group, or an activity, there are accessories that incorporate those passions, so that the person can be reminded of good times throughout the day. So consider gifting your friend an item that will always bring a smile to their face.


Another category of gifts are experiences. These are especially good for those who are not looking for more stuff cluttering up their homes or their lives. Experiences can include anything from cooking a nice dinner, to travel, to going to a concert or play. There are many ways that you can create a bold and memorable experience including networking with others to get a shout out by a celebrity, meeting the chef at someone’s favorite restaurant, or going behind the scenes to see how something someone loves is made.

While experiences can be big once in a lifetime affairs sometimes experiences can be really simple. Consider giving someone coupons for a walk on the beach, to do their chores/errands for them, or to watch their kids so they can have a night to themselves. Sometimes the best gifts can be as simple as offering to get “take-in” and watch their favorite show or film with them. Experiences are great gifts because they create great memories that can last a lifetime and which complement any organizing kick they might be on.

Homemade gifts

There is always something special about being given something that has been made by hand. This is why so many people like receiving gifts from kids even if the item itself is not of high quality. When it comes to homemade gifts it really is “the thought that matters”. The great news is right now is a perfect time to try some DIY projects that you can share with others. Such DIY gifts can include DIY bath products, food and foodstuffs, or teaching someone how to do something they always wanted to learn to do. 

Homemade items can feed a person’s  body, mind, and soul because the person knows that the item was made with care and not bought simply because it was a facebook ad or on a sale table. There is something special about cracking the seal on an item that you know was made by hand and with love, or enjoying the company of a friend as they teach you how to play an instrument or how to do the newest dance move. In addition there are homemade items that are low budget and that anyone can make.  

While gift giving, especially gift giving for people we care about, can feel overwhelming there are many simple tricks we can use. Three categories which work as gifts most of the time include accessories, experiences, and homemade gifts. The key thing with giving gifts is to give something that makes you feel good in the giving and which the other person will appreciate and remember.

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