They say kids are a gift from heaven. So, buying a gift for them seems a lot of pressure! For starters, there is so much in the market that promises your kid joy and surprise, but most of it ends up dusty on the shelves after a few days of use. Well, see the pressure? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

Gift shopping for kids can be quite confusing. What do you prioritize? Their favorite colors that change everyday or their imagination that doesn’t stay the same? Well, here’s three important aspects that you can go through to get your kid a perfect gift!

  1. It keeps them busy and active.
  2. More family-oriented/ developed team play.
  3. Educational/Simulates their interests (such as coloring books for kids)

Meeting all the above criteria may be tough, but we have a few ideas that may apply as starters for you to find the perfect gift. Here are 7 cool gifts that you can give your kids, this 2021 and watch them swing with joy and light up like a rainbow!

1)  Cubby houses:

If a life-size fake apartment set that can be built anywhere to suit your kid’s imaginations isn’t cool, then we don’t know what is! Get your kids to live like an independent owner of a house by availing of cubby houses online.

Built from wood and built into various customizable structures like a duplex, triplex, classic, cottage, and fort- cubby houses are the first and last thing you need to take your kids away from their screens into the open. It also fits nearly 6 heads under one roof, so the family game of your kids is now made easy! Gift a cubby house and watch your kid grow creative, responsible, and classy!

2)  Motivational Tees:

Kids are at that age of their life when things are very impressionable on them. Gifting them T-Shirts with custom-made/ already printed quotes of “You are Awesome,” “I can do it,” and an emphasis on “My Parent’s Favourite,” helps to develop positive vibes in your kids. Also, who can say no to a cool Tee that is suited for all climates and all occasions!

3)  Animatronic Dolls:

It’s 2021, which means more technology and more innovation. Animatronic dolls are here to bring your kids’ favorite characters out of their screens into your homes! Be it the cute Baby Yoda or a cute puppy to make up for not having a real pet, and animatronic toys give you a much life-like experience. They are perfect for your kids to play and set up imaginary plots, and for a change, you might get to listen to their nighttime stories!

4)  Board Games:

They never go out of style! You might quite call them a house essential because they are available in almost every home. The games, rules, and players keep changing, but the fun never ends. Games like Pictionary, Catan, Life, Monopoly are some universal favorites that help boost your kid’s mind while teaching them the fun way. Plus, your kids also get to host team games and grab a bunch of new friends along the way! Sounds pretty convenient and fun to us!

5)  Echo Dot:

The echo dot is a technological abbreviation of Alexa. Basically, it is Alexa playing Halloween, dressed up as a cute tiger cub or a panda, adorning your kid’s bedroom. Now, you can get your kids to listen to unlimited rhymes, stories, set kid reminders, ask questions and live with Alexa as their roommate! Technology has never been this fun before!

6)  Galaxy lamps:

Bring the night sky that your kid dreams of into your room with galaxy lamps. With a hologram projection of the stars and the moon, your kids get to experience sleeping under a sky full of stars in the comfort of your room. Plus, it also doubles for a cool night lamp, so bed bugs keep away, and so do your child’s nightmares.

7)  Winter picks:

Throw on some warm hoodies, cool denim coats, layered mufflers, and soft fur coats- you have yourself a winter collection for your kid! Get them to experience the shades of winter in style! Gift your kid’s clothes that suit different seasons, give their wardrobe a makeover, and voila- the perfect gift to last at least a few years!

It is 2021, and technology has made the choices available for gifts too wide and handy. From books, slime to clothing, devices, and games: all are up for keeps to give your kid the best childhood all along! Because kids are a gift from heaven, and they do deserve heaven on earth.

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