Giving smaller gifts or larger presents is a common practice in personal and professional life. Although in the latter case we encounter some exceptions: cultural, specific for some nations, and corporate, related to internal regulations regarding the acceptable price level of gifts.

The problem of searching for ideas for a business gift usually appears before Christmas and the New Year, when it is customary to exchange gifts with customers, contractors, or colleagues. However, most of the gifts presented below are universal and can surely be applied regardless of the circumstances.

In case of business gifts, it is not always about originality or the value of a gift. The kind of relationship with clients or contractors to a large extent determine what gift we can afford. As always, the sense of taste and tact is what counts.

  1. Customizable Koozie

How about an affordable gift that won’t end up forgotten in a bottom drawer? Choose among a variety of colors and shape to create a personalized Koozie – a sleeve that thermally insulates a beverage for the enjoyment and practicality of your loyal customers. Koozies are a great way to stand out as a company that cares for its clients and contractors, and the personal approach will ensure future successful cooperation. Functional, promotional, handy, and affordable gift that will satisfy the most valued and challenging clients.

  1. Gift Basket Delivered

Whether it’s wine or cookies, cheese and olives, your customers will love the elegantly wrapped and prepped gift basket with the addition of appreciation card for their loyalty and business. Extra perk of this crafty idea is that the gift baskets may be send to the entire office, so staff can also enjoy the delicacies and feel good about the work they accomplish. It will not hurt your future interactions in any way.

  1. Coffee Blend Mix

Another gourmet idea for a perfect and classic corporate gift that no one will ever turn down – a mix of coffee blends. Good coffee is never too much, so make the morning commute and rush a little easier for your clients. Some blends come in ready, but you may go as far as allow your clients to create their own unique blends by purchasing a gift certificate to places, where they can taste the art of coffee blending themselves and arrive at their own signature creations. Throw in a custom Koozie to keep their drink warm at all times.

  1. Professional Leather Notebook

Most of us use notebooks professionally and personally – sometimes we keep one for years. Surprise your best customers with a professional leather notebook, customize it if you can for that personal touch of appreciation. Put a quote or sign the notebook to give it a friendly and exclusive feel! This gift will definitely tie your future relations.

  1. Treat the Office to Lunch

Corporate gifts are usually great if they are meant for everyone. Even though a gift basket may be a nice idea to share with staff, it may not be necessarily equally divided. Treat the office of your customers or contractors to their very own catered lunch! Call ahead to verify any major allergies or preferences, and astonish them with delicious goodies. They will gladly do business with you once again.

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