What can you get someone who has lived plenty, seen plenty, and also received plenty of gifts throughout his or her lifetime? If you don’t know what present you should opt for when your grandma’s or granddad’s birthday is right around the corner, these gift ideas will get you started.

Seniors have specific preferences, and getting them the latest MP3 player may not be a good idea – although some grandparents are hipper than others. So shuffle through the next recommendations and find the perfect gift for your favorite grandmother or grandfather.

Games that keep the brain young

Don’t think you’d be insulting your grandparents if you decide to purchase a brain game or puzzle. It is no secret that cognitive skills decline with age, and keeping the brain challenged is vital for holding this at bay.

Neuroscientists usually design such games, so they’re pretty good, and they don’t cost a lot of money, either. As a young person searching for the perfect gift for the elderly in your family, such an option is spot-on.

Think of gift baskets

Who doesn’t love gift baskets? While you may have to shell out a little more cash for putting one together, it will undoubtedly make your grandparents happy. You can include brain games, as suggested earlier, but also other things, such as your grandma’s or granddad’s favorite snacks or teas.

A heated blanket

In fall and winter, the nights and even the days can get pretty chilly, and your grandparents might not want to have the AC running on high to keep warm all the time. A heated blanket is a good option for them while they watch TV or knit or engage in their favorite activities that require them to sit for a long time.

A triangle walker

If you’ve never heard of such a thing before, that’s okay. What you must learn first is that it makes for a highly practical gift. Triangle walkers combine the conveniences of a walker, with that of having enough storage space for personal items, groceries, and other things.

Elders are known to lack strength in their arms as they age, but this doesn’t mean that they should not see about their daily activities as before. This type of gift will certainly help them get out more and remain active, even in their old age.

Dexterity kits for grandparents with arthritis

One of the common ailments that affect people with age is arthritis. There is no cure for this condition, and the only thing patients can do is to alleviate the symptoms. In case you have noticed your grandparents complaining about arthritis-related pains, here’s a gift idea.

Get a dexterity kit – or two – and show your grandparents that you care. These kits are pretty innovative, and they contain various items that will help the users handle things much easier. The items included usually involve secure grips for forks and other utensils, and helpers for pulling zippers up and down.

Easy to read clocks

While we’re young, we cannot fathom how many things can have an impact on the wellbeing of the elderly.  Some things that appear simple can become a source of discomfort and even anxiety in an aging individual. For instance, not being able to tell the clock, because the ones around the house are difficult to read, can lead to such a predicament.

For your grandparents, consider getting a large clock with easy to read numbers. These models are even digital, although they may not look like you might expect. Your grandparents will surely love having a clock in the house that is always easy to see so that they can tell the time.


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