Buying gifts for someone you care about might seem like an easy task, but that’s not always the case. Maybe you need to buy a gift for a coworker or a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Or perhaps you know what the woman in your life likes, but you’re worried she might already have everything you could think of, which makes finding something she will appreciate and use a bit harder.

Every person is different. If you know a bit about the individual you’re shopping for, you will naturally use that information to help you decide.

You probably know by now that not all women love the same things. If you need some guidance, the choices on this list should be a decent source of inspiration and at least a starting point.

For a gift for a friend, girlfriend, coworker, or even your mother, here are some suitable ideas to get you going.

Idea 1: Custom Artwork

People certainly have differing preferences when it comes to art, but most of us enjoy something made just for us that focuses on something we love. If you’re trying to find something for your mom, sister, or even a partner, think about talking to an artist about a custom design. 

Many people on sites like Etsy will happily create art of pets, kids, and families. The woman you’re buying for might well love to see an artistic rendition of their beloved pet or family members.

Idea 2: A Gift Card for Clothes

Gift cards are a solid option if you aren’t sure about the person’s size or fashion sense. If the woman you’re buying for likes fashionable clothing, or has recently told you she thinks she needs a wardrobe upgrade, a gift card will cover the deal.

You can pick a company that’s known for offering high-quality items she’s likely to want to wear, such as leather sandals or high-quality jackets.

Idea 3: A Wireless Charger

Many people spend their days using their phone for work and for fun. Having to juggle a mass of cords to charge everything can be annoying, so you could make most women happy by helping them simplify their lives. A wireless charger that looks sleek and works dependably will make her life a lot easier, so she can accomplish whatever she’s up to.

Idea 4: An Audiobook Subscription

If you’re trying to buy something for a woman who loves to read or just likes to learn new things, an audiobook subscription or gift card is a great idea. It can be a challenge to pick a book she hasn’t read or is likely to enjoy, so you can let her pick what would appeal the most. Plus, an audiobook is great for any busy person, as they can listen to it while commuting or running errands. 

Idea 5: Birth Month Gift

Another solid gift choice for almost any woman you know is one that centers on when she was born. There are quite a few options that relate to this, such as:

  • Birthday month candle
  • A constellation necklace of her astrological sign
  • A flower bouquet of her birth colors
  • A ring with her birthstone

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Idea 6: Anything You’ve Heard Her Mention Before

If you know some of the interests or hobbies of the woman you’re looking to please, you should go with that for your inspiration. At least one item on this list might help you narrow it down. 

But to really make a friend, family member, or even coworker happy, buy something you’ve heard her mention before (such as from If you;re looking for an idea, notice any time she brings up something she wants, note it down on your phone, and get it for her. 

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