If you find yourself struggling each year to find the right birthday gift for a man in your life, your search is over. Although he may think he is the easiest guy in the world to shop for, you have obviously encountered problems with that. That’s okay, we are here to help. What he may think is cool you may not and vice versa. That is why we have put together this list of five highly practical birthday gifts for guys. In it, you will discover items you may not have considered buying. Guys love many different things and this list will show you that.


Things To Remember When Buying For Him

When we refer to something as a practical gift for a man, we are talking about something he is very likely going to use. Practicality, however, does not always equate with frugality. If your guy is fond of practical gifts, the amount you spent on it will not have an impact because he will be more interested in the fact that you put some thought into your gift purchase. Thought is still an important factor when shopping for a birthday gift. Avoid impersonal items like gift certificates and aim for something more thoughtful. Something that says you know the little things about him.  Don’t try for a gift that covers all the bases because you have no clue what he likes or dislikes. By the way, we are not suggesting a puppy, either. That requires commitment and you could end up sending the wrong signal to him with anything that requires a lot of attention. 

Here is the list of five practical birthday gifts for him:


1 – Drone X Pro 

Even if your guy hasn’t shown much interest in USAS drones, this one will grab his attention. It is a lightweight, foldable drone designed for beginners. If you are buying this for an outdoorsy fellow, you may have hit the jackpot with this one. He can send it up and around the campsite or lake for a different perspective on the area. The Drone X Pro is packed with features such as flying on its own or following you wherever you go. With a built-in camera and software that connects to your smartphone, you can snap photos, shoot video, and have some cool adventures.


2 – Sterilize X 

Just when you were getting used to hand sanitizing every time you touch something, a product like this comes around. This disinfectant lamp is equipped with UV-C light technology which effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and the other invisible microorganisms lurking in every room of the home. Get him one of these for the Man Cave and you will score some serious points. While the average guy may not admit to liking hand sanitizers, with COVID-19 protocols it has become commonplace and the Sterilize X lamp just makes things a little bit easier.


3 – Dodow 

It’s a light. It’s a sleep aid. Well, it happens to be both. Instead of your guy having to pop pills to get a good night’s sleep, this metronome light will help put him under.  It is scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns. In other words, it will bore him to sleep. That isn’t meant as a negative! If the man on your birthday list leads an active life and finds it hard to wind down at the end of the day, the Dodow will quickly and efficiently solve that problem for you. Over time, he may even be able to doze off without needing this light.  So, then, you will get to use it.


4 – Socks 

What guy couldn’t use one or more new pairs of socks? You may not think about it at the time, but men go through socks fairly quickly if they are at all athletic. This means that anytime you can slip some socks into a gift package, it is likely he is going to be pretty happy about it. Socks don’t have to be white or black anymore. Vibrant colors, bright patterns, and many other variations are available for men. For a personal touch, companies like No Cold Feet offer customizable birthday gift sets. That way you can mix ‘n’ match and get some wild styles for him.


5 – The Photostick 

It doesn’t matter if he is a Mac or a PC guy. What matters is that you know he has a bunch of photos stashed in the files of his laptop or desktop computer. One way of showing him how much you care about his private photo collection is to get him The Photostick. It looks like an average flash drive but it can do amazing things once plugged into his computer. Without having to download additional software, The Photostick will collect all of his photos and keep them secure. It instantly backs up photos so he doesn’t have to sort through computer files to find them.


In Conclusion 

You may think the men in your life are hard to shop for but in reality, guys are rather easy to please when it comes to gift-giving. On any special occasion and birthdays, in particular, you can do well just by seeking something practical that he will use. Ultimately, what he really wants is to spend time with you. That is the best gift you could ever give. However, we know that women like to show their feelings with a gift that has been selected from the heart. Guys get that. They may not always seem like they do, but deep down inside, he knows. Just remember, a practical gift says volumes about how you feel about him. Choose wisely.  Hopefully, the list above gives you inspiration for his next birthday gift.


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