It’s always nice to spoil your loved ones. Whether it’s your family member or friend that has an upcoming birthday, might be wondering how you can make a special day even more special.

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to shower your loved ones with gifts or money. If there’s a luxury item that they’ve wanted for a while, you can surprise them with a treat!

While it’s great to buy presents and give money to your friends and relatives on their birthdays, this isn’t the only way that you can show your love and appreciation for them. You could plan exciting day trips, bake them a homemade cake, or serve them breakfast in bed.

Here are some great things that you can do to make your loved one’s birthday extra special.

  1. Create a Personalized Card

There’s no shortage of birthday cards in the store nowadays. You can find cards for every occasion and every age.

If you want to make your friend’s or family member’s birthday extra special, consider getting a personalized card instead of a printed card from the store. You can use a birthday graphics design on vista create to add your personal touches to the card.

You can include a funny message or personal photos to remind them of a special memory. Your loved one will appreciate the extra effort that you have put into their card and they can keep it for years to come.

  1. Serve Them Breakfast in Bed

As simple as it sounds, making your loved one some breakfast in bed is a great way to show your love and appreciation on their birthday. Whether they love American-style pancakes or a fry-up, create a bed and breakfast experience that they will never forget.

There’s nothing better than a lazy morning, and your loved one will enjoy resting in bed while you serve up a delicious birthday breakfast. Make two servings so that you can enjoy breakfast together.

birthday cake - a birthday cake with swirly lighted candles on top.

  1. Make a Photo Scrap Book

Spending the time making a scrapbook full of memories will make your loved one feel extra special on their birthday.

They will recognize all of the effort that you have put into their gift and this type of caring and thoughtful gift goes a long way! Very few things are more special and personal than a photo scrapbook.

You can include funny quotes, memorabilia, and photos of the two of you to highlight all of the special moments that you have shared together.

Leave some empty pages in the scrapbook so that your loved one can add even more photos in the future. Consider getting them some stationery tools to use when they’re adding more to the book, such as pens, glitters, and stickers.

Most stationery stores sell stunning scrapbooks that you can personalize using stickers and text. It’s the perfect opportunity to channel your creativity and have some fun!

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