If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, like California or Oregon, then there’s a decent chance you might enjoy partaking. And one of the best things about partaking in a smoke session is the laughs that come with it.

Laughter is medicine, after all.

So, to go along with those good times and deep belly laughs, BestStonerGifts.com has put together a list of 10 hilarious stoner products. And these products are totally legal in every state since they aren’t used for actually smoking.

Check these out and get ready for some chuckles.

1. The Scratch and Sniff Weed Book

Remember when you were a good and enjoyed a good ol’ scratch and sniff sticker? Well, now that you’re a weed smoking adult you still can! This book is filled with 22 pages of sniffing pleasure. Plus, you’ll learn some history and even some science about your favorite herb.

2. Stoner Crocs

Let’s face it, Crocs are ridiculously comfortable. And now even weed smokers can get in on the fun! These Crocs are built for potheads with their awesome design. They’re definitely one of the best weed gifts you could get any friend.

3. Alien Tapestry

Do aliens exist? We definitely have no idea. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend! And if they do exist, we’d be willing to bet they enjoy smoking some herb as much as anyone. This awesome tapestry pays homage to the type of alien we expect and love.

4. Wake and Bake Hoodie

Every good pothead needs a good hoodie. And this hoodie is both good… and hilarious. It features the classic slogan “wakin’ bakin’” in that easily recognizable Dunkin’ Donuts font. What’s not to love?

5. Weed Friendly Journal

For the person that enjoys journaling while smoking, this stoner Buddha journal is everything you need. Just sit back, relax, and let it all out man!

6. Pot Leaf Suit

Getting ready for a weed-friendly wedding or fancy event? Well, you better be dressed to impress! This hilarious suit features a pot leaf design that will have people cracking up… and wanting to smoke with you.

7. Psychedelic Mario Coloring Book

Sometimes adults just need to get high and color in the lines. And if you’re a fan of Super Mario, this coloring book is just for you. It features 46 pages of coloring fun. And all of it is of psychedelic Mario and friends!

8. Weed Oven Mitt

Do you enjoy cooking with marijuana? Or perhaps, you just like to cook while smoking marijuana. Either way, this stoner oven mitt is something you need in your kitchen. It’s equal parts useful and hilarious. We like to imagine Martha Stewart owning a few of these…

9. Cat Lover PopGrip

PopGrips are definitely a hot item right now. They help people hold on to smartphones… which can sometimes become difficult to hold when texting. And especially when smoking. This PopGrip pays homage to two things that are easy to love: cats and weed.

10. Breath Mints for Stoners

Breaking out breath mints can make a person very popular. But when those breath mints have hilarious stoner sayings on them, that person becomes nearly famous. That’s why we love this 5-pack of novelty breath mints.

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