When it comes to clothes and dressing yourself, footwear is an essential component in any individual’s wardrobe. People love owning different types of footwear, all dedicated to specific outfits and occasions. Just like owning a pair of sneakers or a pair of high heels is essential, the same goes for slippers. Slippers come in many styles; however, what they all have in common is their reason for use; to provide leisure and comfort to our feet. Whether at home or the beach, slippers are very important, so if you’re looking for a perfect pair that suits you, here are the top ways to find the ones you like.

  1. The Size

Usually, when you think about your slipper size, you might think that it is the same as your typical shoe size. However, if you think about the goal of slippers, usually we invest in them to provide comfort to our feet, letting them rest and breath after a day’s confinement in closed-off shoes is the goal. This is why it’s highly recommended for you to get a slightly bigger size of slippers. It’ll give your feet enough space and to avoid feeling any pain or tightness. Moreover, if you’re a sock lover, then a bigger size will make your feet feel breezy even with the extra layers added.

  1. The Material

Have you ever wondered why some slippers cost pennies while others cost a ton? Well, the answer to that question is the material. Depending on which material is used for the pair of slippers, all of its characteristics will drastically change. For example, if the pair of slippers you’re aiming to buy is for home use, then comfort is the main goal, which means that looking for a cozy and pleasant material is crucial. Moreover, during winter, people usually look for slippers that will keep them warm. When these are the requirements found in your checklist, then opting for snug materials such as wool or suede uppers is what’s best for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a pair of beach slippers, then usually, opting for rubber slippers is the best option because of their durability. Every material has its specific use.

  1. The Style

Similar to materials, the slippers’ different styles all have their own uses. A way for you to find the perfect slippers is for you to clarify what you’re using them for. The style will then naturally come with your usage choice. For example, if you want slippers for the beach, then Havaianas are the most suitable. Just like other styles of slippers, you can usually buy Havaianas online, and choose between many different color options. They usually have options between slides and flip-flops, so you can pick whatever is most comfortable. Similar to this example, the same process applies to other styles of slippers.

  1. Quality and Construction

A slipper’s quality very much depends on the material used and the process of construction. When buying slippers, you should pretty much always aim for a pair that will stay with you for a long time, even if you incessantly move them around and torture them in suitcases and boxes. This is why opting for handmade slippers is always the best option. Giving importance to your slippers’ craftsmanship is what will allow you to find a pair that gifts you with leisure, comfort, and durability.

  1. Flooring and Soles

Another way for you to choose great slippers is to consider two important factors: flooring and soles. Starting with the former factor, what’s meant here by flooring is its hardness. Before buying slippers, you need to consider the floors in the location you plan to use them in, which will then determine the latter factor. For example, if your house’s floor is entirely made of marble, then chances are you’ll need slippers with thicker soles to effectively protect your feet. However, if all you have is a carpeted floor, then the thickness of your soles won’t matter as much.

There you have it! These are the top ways and measures you need to take to find great slippers you’ll like. Other than these factors, there are of course many other things you need to take into consideration such as price, color, and design. However, these usually depend on your personal preferences and budget, so they should be considered after you’ve found a pair of slippers that fit all the requirements mentioned above. Make sure to find a pair that will make you eager to take off those closed-off shoes and free up your feet.

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