India is a vibrant country with colorful culture. With the diversity of its people, India also offers a variety of clothing styles and can attract tourists to enjoy good shopping in India. Indian cloth truly displays the colors of India throughout.

Women in India have more clothing options than men. Aside from the ‘Kurta,’ men’s and women’s clothing are vastly different.

We will discuss the traditional Indian clothing below:

Traditional Indian Clothing Options for Women

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are worn by women and feature embroidery, mirror work, zari, zardozi, patchwork, or sequins. These hand embroidered outfits are more popular in the north. The Anarkali suit is ideal for Indian fashion wear as it has several different styles and techniques that can be used to design lovely Anarkali salwar kameez outfits.


A blouse for the Indian woman is called a choli. It’s a garment that you wear over a deeper shirt or a sari. Cholis are often varieties of blouses and look like shirts with buttons or fastenings, with straps of different kinds. They are sleeveless and can be short or long based on requirements.


Sari is a traditional piece of clothing that is still popular among many people. What might be surprising to many is that Sari is not only worn in India but across the globe. Its history spans more than 2000 years and it is an important indicator of Indian clothing culture.

Salwar Kameez

One of the most prominent Indian clothing for girls or women is the salwar kameez. The name salwar kameez comes from two words: Salwar: A baggy trouser which is loose around the legs, typically worn in South Asia. Kameez: A long tunic that goes right up to your neck, similar to a shirt but more graceful and feminine. It can have long sleeves or be sleeveless.

Traditional Indian Clothing Options for Men


A dhoti typically consists of two lengths of cloth, one across the waist and the other across the legs. It is bound on the waist with a drawstring like a belt. The dhotī length can vary; from just below the knees to well above it. It must not touch the ground, an insider at Nihal Fashions explained One end (usually the free end), has to be held up while the other end passes through it. This is so that when required, the second cloth can be wrapped around partially covering the first cloth which remains across the legs and body.


A Sherwani is typically worn by Indian men on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and parties. The traditional Indian outfit appears similar to a tuxedo in its usage. It’s a form of dress that you may see an Indian man wearing when asking for the hand of his intended marriage.


An outfit for men that is inspired by Indian traditional wear, the lungi goes by several names depending on where you are. The popular choice of clothing for men in rural parts of India, the lungi is also the official dress code for one of India’s southern states. This is a garment that consists of a single large piece of cloth that wraps around the waist and falls lower down to just below the knees.

Indian clothing has a variety of designs and styles. The clothing is not just meant to cover the body, but they are a style statement as well.

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