This is what Batman, the Dark Knight, tells Gotham City’s corrupt mobsters and politicians in one of the most exciting comic strips in the history of the ninth art, in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.

We all know Batman, it is useless to introduce him to you, together with Superman he is the superhero who most of all has entered the collective imagination, in pop culture and has always fascinated me, since childhood, not only for his athletic abilities and martial, the big car he drives, the technological gadgets and all the rest, but also and above all for his intelligence, his preparation, his knowledge.

Batman is the greatest detective in the world, in his comic book universe, he is an inventor, a strategist, and even a scholar.

And this more “intellectual” aspect, if you like, of batman, I must say that in the many adaptations that have come to the cinema it has been a bit lost. We preferred to highlight other features, perhaps even more spectacular and suitable for an American-style blockbuster.

Yet, from Batman’s attitude, from his secrets, there is a lot to learn, even for those who study, train, or simply have to learn something. It sounds strange but it is. And then I said to myself: why not, why not analyze the study techniques of even a fictional character for once.

And here we are, in this article I reveal to you the Batman learning secrets.

Understanding Long-Term Goals

The first, very first thing that Batman understood when he was still a child and that most 20-year-old students never even considered is that you can’t learn something, you can’t achieve absolute excellence in the field. if you are not ready for a commitment spread over time.

The time factor is controversial when it comes to studying because everyone wants to grind exams quickly, faster and faster to then forget about the books once and for all. The problem with this approach is threefold:

  • on the one hand, it simply does not work, in the sense that it does not lead to good results and no, it does not make you finish university faster;
  • on the other hand, because it does not allow you to develop a method that carries over to learning other things in the future;
  • and finally because, unfortunately, or fortunately, we cannot forget about books once and for all, never, and the things we learn will be useful in the future.

Ask Batman if he has time to forget the things he studied because hey, who cares, just pass the exams. And no, our masked engagement genius needs to keep in mind what he knows and use it in practice, there are no shortcuts or exceptions to this.

Every occasion, every moment is dedicated to learning and honing one’s skills with a long-term perspective.

Planning for Every Possibility

Oh well, here we play it safe, Batman is the supreme master of planning and forecasting, he is literally obsessed with always being one step ahead of his opponents.

Now, I know that planning is the single thing that is most disliked by students, especially university students I must say, who breathe that air of freedom and are afraid of losing the spontaneity of their days.

However, this is a false perception. Freedom and disorganization are not the same things.

Planning, organizing, and deciding how to distribute your efforts and the activities you have to carry out during your days is a fundamental element for success in the study as in any other business.

Batman is not only a master of this, but he takes it to an almost manic level: Batman is ready for any eventuality, even the most remote, and he has a plan to deal with it. He has a plan A, a plan B, a plan C, and a plan Z, he expects the unexpected and prepares to face them.

You can do the same, in your own small way. Okay, you don’t have to run after Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum, but you do have to plan to leave ample room for maneuver, foreseeing the necessary time in excess and keeping your entire week under control so that you can readjust it when, inevitably, things change. and the unexpected will come out like mushrooms in the fall.

Then I really have no idea if mushrooms snack in autumn, but it was a nice metaphor, there was.

Getting Help and Delegating Work

And finally, Batman’s seventh learning secret is… don’t go it alone. And it might seem paradoxical, because the paranoid and, let’s face it, half-mad Bruce Wayne, the lonely billionaire who dresses up as a bat and fights on the roofs of a metropolis every night might seem, with good reason too, like the loneliest of lone wolves.

And in part, it is, his relationship with sociality and family is certainly very very complicated, but if you think about it in the end, even a difficult man like him realizes that he cannot do everything alone. So here we have Alfred, the faithful butler, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, Jason Todd, the second Robin, Tim Drake, the third Robin, and then Batwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Lucius Fox, Oracle, and even the great boy scout in blue, Superman.

Batman knows he needs a team, a team of people who are as reliable and knowledgeable as he is to support him and help him achieve his goals. As a student, you should always understand whether you need help or not, whether to delegate some of your tasks to a paper writer or go at it alone.


These were Batman’s 3 learning secrets and whether you’re in Gotham City fighting the mafia in a kevlar costume or taking a private law or biology exam, I think you’ve found some helpful insights that can help you out.

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