So many new flutes for sale, but we make it simple

It can be a difficult decision as to what flute to buy. There are many flutes for sale and many factors to take into consideration. With the launch of the wonderful new McNeela Music “PM Series” of concert flutes for sale, we decide to take a look at the top 5 flutes for sale on the market in 2022.

Although price and budget are important factors in your decision to purchase a flute, it is important not to buy something too expensive for your skill level and your budget. Although the initial cost may seem low, running costs can be very high. And expensive flutes can also be difficult to play, even for the most experienced player.

One of the most flexible and graceful instruments in an orchestra is the flute. The flute can move quickly, making bright, joyful melodies that sound like floating through the air on warm, hypnotic tones. Although it is possible to achieve pleasing results quickly, it may take many years to master all of the subtle tonal nuances that this agile instrument can produce.

A student model is best for beginner flutists. It has features that will help you learn. Before you upgrade to a professional or intermediate model after playing for some time, you will need to be familiar with a few things that we’ll cover below.

This guide was created for both beginners and advanced performers. This guide will provide a brief overview of the major parts of this woodwind instrument, as well as a list of all the options available.

This is why beginners often give up. They buy a substandard flute, struggle to make a decent sound out of it, and then blame themselves for the problem.

Your experience level is another factor to consider. A beginner-level flute is recommended for those just starting out. These flutes are specifically designed for beginners. They are light, easy to use, and can withstand the most severe knocks and bumps.

You can also find step-up flutes for sale, and the professional flute. These flutes are more difficult to use than the beginner flutes. These flutes are larger than the beginner flute, yet they have the ability to produce fuller sounds and better projection.

Which professional flute is best?

The Yamaha 677H Flute

  • Reputable
  • Annealed headjoint
  • For professionals
  • Playing that feels comfortable

You should also consider how long the flute will last. You can upgrade certain beginner flutes as you gain experience. These upgrades are usually half the cost of purchasing a new flute for your new skill set.

Make sure that you buy the correct size flute when purchasing one. There are no size differences in flutes. However, you can find a curved headjoint to fit a beginner. Curved headjoints make it easier to bring the keys of the flute closer into the body of the player.

Although curved headjoints cost more. However, if the headjoint requires constant stretching, it can cause neck and back problems. It can also cause a player to have a poor posture, which can be difficult to correct. However, you can prevent this from happening by installing a curved headjoint right away.

The BBC claims that the flute is the oldest-known instrument of music in the world. A German cave contained flutes that were thought to be around 42,000 years old. These flutes are made of mammoth ivory and bird bone.

A flute is nothing more than a tube filled with holes in its lowest register. The instrument’s lowest note is C, D or B, depending on the flute. The notes will get higher as you uncover more holes.

This instrument has seen many modifications and improvements over the years to give it a wider range of expression.

These are the three sections

Modern flutes for sale are made up of three distinct sections, unlike the prehistoric flutes that were all one piece. These are the headjoint and the body joint.


This is the part with the lips and the embouchure holes. To vibrate the air inside the instrument, the player places his/her lower lip on the lip plate. These vibrations are what your ear interprets to be music.

Body joint

This section is the longest on the flute. This section contains the majority of the keys that a musician depresses in order to create notes.


This is the shortest section of the flute. Depending on the model, there may be three to four keys in this section. These keys can be activated with the little finger of your right hand via touch parts or rollers.

Five Best Professional Flute Brands and Reviews

Let’s look at some flutes that professionals can enjoy and help you make an informed decision.

1) The McNeela SI Series Flute

The McNeela SI Series concert flute is a beautiful flute that still excels at playing. The SI flute series was designed for players of all levels who want to practice and gain experience. This flute is perfect for players who want to develop their skills and move beyond beginner and intermediate level.

The solid-silver headjoint can produce some amazing tones. Together with the flute’s pinless mechanism and flute’s excellent performance, you can be sure that the flute will remain responsive for a long time. This flute is ideal for advanced and beginner flutists.

It also has a B footjoint, and a split-E that allows it to respond faster and produce better intonation when playing high E notes which can be a problem with many flutes.

2) Yamaha 677H Professional Flutes

Most people are somewhat familiar with the Yamaha brand (either through their piano or keyboard) or at least; they’ve heard the name before. The 677H flute comes with a beautiful hand finished silver headjoint, a sterling silver body and silver foot joints with nickel plated keys all befitting the value of a professional flute.

The Yamaha 677H flute features a 0.43mm thick wall and Straubinger Phoenix pads. It is more durable than any professional flute you will find on the market, thanks to its annealed body, headjoint and footjoint. Yamaha’s unique annealing method gives it an amazing even response and tone across all registers. G keys are an “offset” G keys, which are becoming increasingly popular because of their ergonomic benefits.

As with all Yamaha products, we only introduce the best features. That is why the modified type A headjoint (common to Yamaha flutes) has a special cut that provides a remarkable dynamic and incredible response. Combining the sterling silver headjoint with 0.43mm wall thickness gives the flute a rich, warm tone.

The Straubinger Phoenix pads provide a more consistent seal and are easier to use. The traditional French or pointed keys are used. The Yamaha 677H professional flute is a beautiful example of high-quality craftsmanship and an instrument that displays the visual elegance one would expect from this magnificent instrument.

3) Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute

If you’re looking for a classic musical flute of intermediate and professional skill level, then the Gemeinhardt Model 30B flute is worth considering.

The flute 30B is intended to be a B-key flute. This flute features a 4-foot joint, unique embouchure hole design and proportioned tones. The pad cups ensure that you will hear an even response from the flute and a remarkable tone throughout the registers.

A cleaning rod and a case have been included to make it easy to transport the flute. Gemeinhard’s 30B flute has power-coined keys, which help to emphasize the flute’s durability and strength. It also features an integrally rolled and drawn hole.

You can expect bright, healthy, and beautiful tones. High notes are possible due to the extra length and gizmo key usage that is common in the B-Foot.

4) Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute

A good number of people tend to rent instruments. But why bother with that when you can get an excellent flute for a very affordable price? If you’re thinking of getting a new flute that’ll be able to fulfill your diverse taste in music, then you may want to purchase the Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute. It is a closed-hole C flute that is affordable and stylish, and available in an assortment of colors with the option of gold or silver keys.

With its rectangular round embouchure hole, the Lazarro closed-hole silver and nickel flute is suitable for almost everyone. It will be easy to hit the third-octave notes. The flute’s middle-lower register notes are designed to give a full, warm feel. If you don’t have a nickel allergy, the nickel-plated lip plates will encourage you to continue playing for longer.

This flute produces a beautiful sound with both a soft C and a great G key. Although it’s not as expensive as the brand-name flutes, its output sounds very similar. This speaks volumes about the flute’s quality. It may be looked down upon by some because it has a prize or is less popular. This flute is not for children. It is large and well-equipped with all the features that professional flutes have.

Only people who have never used this flute before will be able to critique it. The Lazarro flute is half the price of comparable brands.

5) Gemeinhardt 32B Flute

This is a solid silver flute with an NG1 head joint and a gold lip plate. It has an open-hole body, a B-footjoint with an inline G. The Gemeinhardt 32B flute is an excellent choice of flute for the flutist ready to take his skills to the next level. It has been crafted to help develop your skills even higher.

It has a solid-silver headjoint and a solid-silver body, as you would expect from a professional flute. Solid silver flutes tend to be heavier than nickel-silver flutes. It produces a sharp, focused, warm and darker tone.

Solid-silver flutes are heavier and require more care. It tarnishes easily so a flutist must take extra care to maintain it. Because novice flutes are less likely to use solid silver, they are often made with it.

Gemeinhardt 32B flute has an inline G key, just like most professional flutes. French (or open hole) keys are designed to help players improve their technique and encourage correct finger placement. This allows for improved intonation.

Gemeinhardt’s newest innovation in flute headjoints, the NG1 headjoint, is also included with the flute. The headjoint allows you to create the sound, tone, and color that flutists love. It also provides smooth responses that will help you improve your skills quickly.

Student flutes for sale

Nickel silver is usually used to make student flutes. Nickel silver is a stronger, more durable metal which can withstand a bit rougher handling. Sterling silver is used for the headjoint. Student flutes are closed-hole flutes that have an offset key as well as Y arm. This category of flutes has a C footjoint.

* Estimated price range: Up to $800

McNeela Music just announced their new range of beginner classical flutes and we got the first try! The New McNeela PM Series is our new choice for beginner and intermediate student flute players. Its excellent price makes it a great value compared to similar flutes. It’s easy to use and made of durable materials, so it can withstand many of the punishments that flutes face in the hands of beginners, and it will still function over the long term.

Intermediate flutes

The headjoint of intermediate flutes is made from solid silver. There are often also a footjoint and body joint in solid silver. These flutes have an open hole design and often feature an inline key as well as Y arms. An intermediate flute’s foot joint is a B footjoint.

* Estimated price range: $800 to 2,400.

Artisan flutes

Artisan flutes can be precision-made and hand-crafted pieces that function as functional art. They can be made of any metal, and often have pointed arms.

* The approximate price range is $2,400- $80,000 and higher.

The purpose of buying a high-quality classical instrument like a flute should not be to display your brand. However, it is so that you can ensure the highest quality sound quality possible from your instrument. This is something you won’t be able to get with a generic flute.

You can buy any plastic recorder that you want to use as a flute if your goal is to just dabble. If you’re passionate about music and are willing to learn, you might want to consider one of the fices listed above.

As with many things in life, we can limit our choices by our budget. There are affordable options that offer the same quality and value as brand-name flutes.

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