Learning the piano evokes the idea of a child sitting with a stern piano teacher finding ‘Middle C’ once a week and progressing, often painfully through chord progressions and getting their small hands to stretch across the keyboard. What if there was a better way?

Technology to the Rescue!

Many people keen to learn the piano have turned to online video platforms. The problem is that there are millions of videos out there and many that don’t quite address all of the issues people encounter. Piano should be fun, not a discipline. It’s about music at the end of the day, and that is about letting your soul engage with the world – a moment of freedom as opposed to a painful, dull and slow experience.

What if there was a better way? A system that both teaches you the different keyboard techniques and progressions, and listens to what you’re doing? That offers human support from piano teachers on the phone to support your progression? What with teaching the budding musician to play music they hear on the radio, the best way to learn the piano could well be through an interactive app like Skoove.

With the emphasis on learning good technique, Skoove runs along the principle of listen, learn and play so while learning the seven or so main chords you’re learning to play music you know. Where Skoove differs from a video teaching technique is that it uses an AI based system that listens to and assesses your playing, giving tips and tricks to improve it as you progress.

This interactive system is cheaper than a piano teacher and has the added benefit of allowing you to spend as much or as little time as you want to – no bills for missed lessons or added bills for extra time should you wish to condense your practice!


A Sample Lesson

For those interested but unsure as to what learning the piano in this new way involves, Skoove have a series of 25 free lessons that use the AI system to introduce you to the art form. If you’re convinced you can go ahead and pay for the full subscription.

For those unwilling as yet to even commit to a free subscription, what about looking at their blog? You can learn step by step the essential chords that are in most popular songs of today for example. It takes you step by step through the fingering techniques to get used to and hopefully master the chords. It is then up to you to tie them together to make beautiful music through improvisation.

Don’t Write off the Music Teacher!

There are so many ways to replace human beings these days. You could easily end up living in your house and apartment interacting only with your computer for weeks on end and have no contact whatsoever with the real world. Recent world events have proven that human contact is absolutely necessary for most. The piano teacher won’t disappear! What they will be able to do is help you flourish as you master your technique as you advance your skills to levels that you may never have achieved so quickly with the piano teacher alone.

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