At present, there are over dozens of guitar brands out there. Among the many brands out there, some have proven to be exceptional brands. Whether it’s because of their craftsmanship, durability, or quality, there are just those brands that stand out and have come to be trusted brands. Gretsch Guitars happens to be one of those brands.

What’s So Great About Gretsch Guitars?

Before Gretsch Guitars even came to be, the company had its beginnings making instruments like tambourines, drums, and banjos. It started in the hands of a German immigrant to the US, Freidrich Gretsch. A generation later, the Gretsch company began making all kinds of musical instruments. Nowadays, they make a variety of musical instruments, ranging from drums, bass guitars, ukuleles, and acoustic guitars, to name a few.

While this company makes all sorts of instruments, what they’ve become known for would be their electric guitars. Any discerning guitarist or music fan can attest to this and even point out the signature Gretsch Guitar look. Musicians like Chet Atkins, Elvis Presley, George Harrison, and Pete Townshend wielded these guitars, and for a good reason.

Gretsch Guitars are a result of hours of work and research. From their Filter’tron humbucking pickups to their signature hollow-body guitars, these guitars produced a clear, immaculate sound specifically unique to the Gretsch brand. This may be why this was the preferred guitar for genres such as blues, jazz, rock, and its heavier derivatives.

The time and effort that went into these guitars helped give us amazing songs such as The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and even one of AC/DC’s most famous songs, “Highway to Hell”. Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that their collaboration with Chet Atkins helped get them out there, helping them work on their guitars and bettering them. If anything, the fruits of the labor this brand put in helped get them to where they are today.

What Choices Do I Have?

Gretsch Guitars are most well-known for their hollow-body guitars, such as what you can find on their White Falcon and Country Gentleman models. These would be their more top-of-the-line models, which would definitely cost a pretty penny. After all, Gretsch is known to be a luxury brand, and their quality can back that up.

Fortunately, not all Gretsch Guitars are out of reach in terms of cost. They also have models that people who have a budget can afford. Models such as their Electromatic and Streamliner can still give you that signature Gretsch sound and quality at a fraction of the price. These guitars are great for those who want to try the brand out before they decide to delve into the other, pricier models.

Of course, the brand has lots more to offer than just hollow-body guitars. They do have solid-body guitars that come in single cut and double cut silhouettes as well. These guitars can also come in a variety of colors, which is excellent if you want to find yourself a guitar that fits your personality or the aesthetic you want.

The Gretsch brand has helped bring forth a guitar that exudes quality. From their signature hollow-body guitars to their unique and immaculate sound, these guitars are just proof of how much work and research was put into making these instruments. So whether you’re looking for your first electric guitar or your next one, a Gretsch would be a great option to consider. While the price might say otherwise, it’s an excellent investment to make if you want to be able to play a quality instrument and bring out the best in your guitar-playing.

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