Indisputable, Marvel movies has reshaped the real-world culture. These films have brought joy to fans in every part of the world.

And with over 22 films Marvel Cinematic Universe have cemented its ground with no signs of defeat.

The chronological order of marvel movies is the way to go for anyone who wants continuity. It proves to be the ideal way one can have a perfect grasp of the best moments.

If you have only watched a few of the Phase 1-3 movies, you may not find this interesting. But if you have been able to go through all of them, you might be eager to learn of the below best moments

The best Marvel Movie moments

Steve Rogers (Captain America) Vs. Josh Brolin( Thanos) in Avenger: Infinity War

Captain America has some of the greatest existing moments in the MCU. One best moment is when Captain America puts his strength and stamina to the test in the Avengers: Infinity War with Josh Brolin. Hulk was the only hero who had tried to put his physical efforts into fighting Mad Titan. But the short match made Hulk go shrinking inside Bruce Banner.

Steve Rogers got it all when he failed to cower but used his power to practically take off the Infinity Gauntlet (Gems), which was designed to channel powers to the six Infinity Stones.

Thanos stares in puzzlement, but this seems to be an irony to Captain. Despite all that Tony Stark has to go through, he gets a reason to giggle.

When Tony hires young Peter Parker (Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Tony is always posing as a funny hero, especially when he interacts with those who don’t laugh often. One instance is when he goes to Queens to recruit Peter Parker, who later joins him in The Avengers. While this happened, Tony was reluctant to accept becoming Peter’s mentor but felt a sense of responsibility towards the young guy.

The best moment comes up when Tony flirts with Maybelle, Peter’s aunt, and later tries to challenge Peter, who is not thrilled by the fact that someone spies his secret identity.

This conversation has some of the funniest wisecracks, such as when Peter gets to see Tom Holland’s footage dressed as Rihanna while dancing.

Ultron’s Cannon Fodder (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

No hero could stop Ultron. One fact is because it’s a machine, and one doesn’t have to worry about anything until Hulk comes. Hulk was more fierce than usual during the fight and seemed to rip off hundreds of Ultron machines.  At one point, he even tried to eat off of the machines.

I bet Ultron would not have predicted this, and it scared him as this is not what he knew about humanity.

The Avengers gather for the climactic battle in New York( the Avengers)

There were 6 heroes ready for this battle; Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man. This was a special time needed for the movie. However, the assembly was shot in an open-air, but only a green screen was present. Hulks and Iron Man never appeared in the shot but were included later. Many years later, both heroes have been together; here is a funny moment not only for the MCU but also for the mixed stage.

When no character was to help out in the battle (Guardians of the Galaxy)

The final battle scene is extremely dull. There are plans set to take up the action, but these rules are not followed. What is interesting is that no character wants to help out. But Star-Lord wins when he comes up with a plan that gets every character to stand together, to claim their loyalty and fight to save the galaxy.

Hela Imprisonment (Thor: Ragnarok)

Odin had succeeded in keeping Hela imprisoned. However, the great threat realizes that his death would lower the magical allure in prison, and this would free her. However, Thor throws Mjolnir, and the Goddess of Death catches it with only one hand, shattering it into pieces.

The fact that she was able to use such powers has amazed the audience.

The funniest is that after Odin’s death, the All-Father confessed his magic could not hold Hela anymore and that all his enchantment, such as one placed on Mjolnir, would fade away.

Hulk Vs. IronMan (Hulkbuster)

Iron Man drew Hulk’s attention by ordering the police to resign. Unfortunately, he tried to cool Hulk, but one looked like an ironic scheme by calling him Bruce Banner.

Due to anger, Hulk threw a car, but Iron Man managed to catch it. Hulk got back with a blow that sent Iron Man staggering.

The battle went on until Iron Man tried to calm Hulk, but the battle raged on with Hulk crashing Iron Man into an elevator, making him lose a tooth. This alone made Iron Man apologize.

Tony Stark takes back the suit he gave Peter ( Iron Man 3)

Tony Stark’s most great experiences came from Iron Man 3. The experience has made a great impact and this can be seen in Peter’s Solo adventure, especially in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The funny moment clicks in when Peter attempts to catch Vulture. It is at this time that Tony takes back the suit he wore in the MCU from Peter.

Later on, Tony created other army suits to help him prepare for the subsequent invasion. He was later stripped of his protection in Tennessee but later managed to get a way out to hijack The Mandarin’s. Amusingly, Tony was reminded of the fact he was a mere mechanic.

He then realizes his suit will not be ready, which makes him get into a panic attack. However, Peter provided a cleaning shoulder and provided ways to make up for the error.

The main idea would be to help Peter learn that anyone who wears the suit is a hero. This was a lesson he learned in Iron Man 3.

The events made provided a strong bond to their relationship. However, Peter tried to prove himself right, as one time be became furious and went to find a way on his own to hunt down Vulture.


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