There are sixteen powder bowls in Whistler, five stunning lakes, countless climbing pitches, a ton of hiking paths, and the best downhill mountain biking park in the world. Mountain culture is everywhere you look in Whistler. The appropriate career will allow you to ski or ride all day, every day. When you leave, chances are you’ll be more outdoorsy if you weren’t when you arrived (if you ever do). The fastest ice track in the world, zip line, mountain biking, and environmental tours are among the top adventure activities in Whistler, Canada. It may be extremely challenging to find suitable Whistler Homes for Sale, as you might guess. Rent is exorbitantly costly and there is fierce competition in the area, therefore the majority of my pals shared a room. Continue reading to learn what Whistler residents do for fun!

Ziptrek Ecotours

Whistler is known for its breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating experiences, and Ziptreck Ecotours provides the best possible blend of both: zipping at 50 mph through the treetops, traversing deep gorges 180 feet above the ground, and descending hundreds of feet, Ziptrek tours are the pinnacle of ziplining. The trips traverse Fitzsimmons Creek and cover more than 33 acres of historical rain forest, cliff walls, and thick, plush forest floor between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. You are sure to find a tour that will satisfy your need for excitement among the variety of ones they provide. 

Whistler Brewing Company

Without visiting the Whistler Brewing Company, no trip to Whistler would be complete. With the firm conviction that there is more to beer than what the major corporations were providing, they were the forerunners of the craft brewing movement in British Columbia when they were founded in 1989. Visit their Function Junction brewery for a tour to learn more about how it all comes together, or go to their crowded taproom to sample their most recent or most well-liked brews. Twice daily tours are scheduled, and they include product tastings. Live music is played once a week in The Tap Room. 

Hike to turquoise waters of picturesque Garibaldi Lake near Whistler, BC, Canada. Very popular hike destination in British Columbia.

James Stewart Sculpture Gallery

Small in size, James Stewart Sculpture Gallery has a significant impact.  James chose to give it all up and focus on his work and the crazy adventures of Whistler after establishing a career in Hollywood as a visual effects artist for films like The Chronicles of Narnia and Shrek 2. Eight bronze sculptures that depict human dignity in diverse forms are part of the current Pangea exhibition. The bronze sculptures are delicately hand-carved in clay before being cast.

Whistler Eco Tours

Since 2011, the Northlands Boulevard location of Whistler Eco Tours has provided tours in the Whistler vicinity. Bicycle, canoe, hiking, and kayak trips are led by knowledgeable interpretive guides who also provide information on the geology, history, and animals of the area. The River of Golden Dreams is a tour offered by Whistler Eco Tours that travels from Alta Lake to Green Lake via a glacier river and the Whistler Wetlands. The three-hour tour is offered in three different formats: self-guided, staff-guided for groups, and privately self-guided. It can be completed by canoe or kayak.

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