If you’re involved in the sale of a home, whether you’re a real estate agent, broker or even the seller themselves, one tool you might consider putting to use is the open house sign. Placed on properties with the goal of attracting as many potential buyers as possible, open house signs are hugely valuable in the real estate industry – particularly when they’re utilized correctly.

There are several providers of quality open house signs available, including top options like Signazon and their wide selection of open house sign options, including the ability to customize your own open house sign based on your desires. If you’re going this route, what are some of the top factors to consider when looking to optimize your sign’s impact? Here are a few important areas to keep in mind.

Visible Location

First and foremost, what good is an open house sign if no one sees it? Your primary goal should be to place the sign in a supremely visible location, one that’s prominent to anyone passing by the property. The best places are typically at the edge of the lawn, in front of the mailbox or right by the driveway.

If you live in a wooded area, you might have some visibility concerns for those at a distance from your sign. In these settings, consider feather flags, balloons or other accents that will help draw in eyes. It’s also good to do a test drive yourself, driving up and down the block to see how the sign looks from various angles.

Text Size and Simplicity

When it comes to the actual contents of the sign, the goal is to make things simple and easy for everyone who might be reading it. Text should be simple – you don’t want to force people to read a dissertation when they look at your sign, and rather should use short, concise sentences with simple words that get your point across.

In addition, any text used should be very large. You don’t want to risk some people being unable to read your sign, which will cause many of them to simply drive on by without investigating further.

Agents and Branding Themes

For the agents perusing this blog, one important theme for open house signage is branding. Many agents purchase their own branded signs that have their logo and brand colors already printed, while others prefer generic options instead. This will often depend on your goals as a realtor, plus the neighborhoods you work in (branded signage is known to sometimes do better in more expensive neighborhoods). But if you’re on the fence, it’s generally advisable to go with branded signage that will allow anyone who reads it to contact you or your firm directly.

When placing open house signs for any home sale, consider the above tips.

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