What is Theta?

Theta is a newcomer in blockchain and cryptocurrencies that is gaining popularity day by day. Theta network is made specifically for people who are into gaming and love to stream. Participants share computing power and bandwidth through P2P infrastructure. It uses a decentralized network.

There are many big names in centralized networks. These networks are either good – providing a better experience to the users and content creators or bad – providing weak ecosystems to the users.

THETA Became Independent

Theta once used to be an ERC-20 token and operated on Ethereum. However, it does not operate on Ethereum anymore. It has made its network known as THETA Network. This network also offers high-level security. There are some companies like BitQT that give an easy experience for trading cryptocurrency like THETA.

Theta reaches top 10 in cryptocurrency

Theta has reached the top 10 cryptocurrencies and is currently marked as #9. Theta has made a marvelous price increase. By the beginning of January 2021, the price had been drastically increasing.

In January, the price was seen to be around $2, and just after 3 months, this price has reached $13. By this Theta has made more than 500% in this period.

Theta is exploding drastically and many people have started using it already. Also, the platform of Theta is already running. Most of these people are the ones who were using another cryptocurrency platform and have shifted to Theta. Other users include people who are interested in gaming and streaming. With all that is been going on with THETA, there is no doubt that THETA will explode soon.

The market cap of THETA is around $13 billion. THETA is also aiming to reach $100. If it was to be reached the market cap of THETA may reach around $100 Billion. Currently, THETA has around more than 1 Million monthly active users. In case, THETA will have to raise its market cap to $40 Billion, it will have to 10x its user base, which is quite a great aim.

Theta is a good investment

The world is changing. This change is because of the change in how people think and which innovation they make or choose. As time passes, innovations are introduced to people. It is up to the people if they choose to use that innovation or not.

Talking about innovations, THETA is also a new-to-market cryptocurrency to the blockchain with its network. There are many elements of THETA that make it good to invest in THETA. These elements include:

  • Gaming

Gaming is a growing field. With more people taking interest in gaming many people have even shifted their careers in gaming. It is a big industry and the THETA network has a P2P infrastructure that is good for gaming.

  • Blockchain

The blockchain facility THETA provides is with no doubt awesome.

  • Successful timeline
  • Partnership with Big-name Tech companies

Many big named giants of Tech are in partnership with THETA. This has gained THETA a lot of trust from the majority of people who wanted to use cryptocurrency. These companies include Google, Binance, Samsung, Sony, and many others.

  • Much better advisory boards from experts
  • Already released and running streaming platform

Because of all these essential elements that THETA provides, there is no doubt that even being new to the game, THETA is a much better investment than most of the cryptocurrency.

Theta making into top 10 was not mere luck. From December 2020 to January 2021, there has been a massive increase of 284% in THETA. The continuation pattern of THETA rise has formed a bullish pattern.

The massive bullish energy THETA has shown in its rise is not to be ignored. THETA has been testing EMA-12 with subsequent and continual success.

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