Many countries focus on putting bitcoin through taxation so that it can be regulated. While the world government keeps on making money from the asset class, few countries keep their citizens free from taxation. On the contrary, the actual motive is to direct the crypto users for populating the market. This, as a result, can serve as a platform for future taxation.

Here is a list of five countries that do not include capital gains on bitcoins.

Top 5 countries where there is no taxing on bitcoin

There are many countries that want to excel, and they are aiming to utilize the crypto market for the same. Hence, if they let the citizens grab as much crypto they can, later it will help to strengthen that country’s economy.


In Germany, anyone holding bitcoins for more than a year will be able to earn any given profit without having to pay taxes. The amount that you earn from your profit will not matter when it comes to tax-free after 12 months.

The biggest economy of Europe treats Bitcoin as a private currency, irrespective of the popular insights among most of the developed countries. They view cryptocurrency as equity or property.

While in Germany, the individual sales that are not more than 600 euros or $654 are not taxed. However, the businesses are still entitled to pay taxes that emanate from bitcoin gains as corporate income tax.


Portugal has revived its citizens from paying any kind of tax on transacting and trading cryptocurrencies. This means that citizens will not have to pay value-added taxes or capital gains tax on BTC or other altcoins.

The tax authority of Portugal said that the cryptocurrency exchanged for fiat currency, is an on-demand service that applies VAT-free transactions. The citizens are spared from paying any kind of taxes, but the business who accepts bitcoins and other cryptos will be paying their taxes.

They will be asked about their income taxes and VAT. The income tax nullification makes the laws of Portugal one of the most favorable countries for trading cryptos. The taxes anyways are a huge burden on traders.


Belarus, the eastern European country, introduced the citizen to a new law from 2018. They announced that there would be no taxes on bitcoins at least till 2023. Those who are associated with activities such as mining, buying, and selling are individual investments.

Hence, these kinds of investments do not subject to any kind of taxes. This is the same for the businesses located in a given economic zone near Minsk, called the High Technology Park.


The individuals or businesses investing in bitcoins are not levied with taxes in Singapore. The reason behind this is that the capital gains tax is not a part of the city laws. But the enterprises located in Singapore have to pay income tax if they are trading in cryptocurrencies.

The business who make payments using cryptocurrencies for taking payments for service provided or as revenue will have to pay the usual income taxes. The companies pay their taxes according to the profit generated from Singapore internally.


The famous island of blockchain, Malta does not levy taxes on cryptocurrencies held for long-term investments. This island does not ask for value-added taxes or capital gains. On the contrary, the crypto trades held in the day are taken as day trading like foreign exchange or stocks.

These, however, attract business income tax with a rate of 35%. Malta can be considered as one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. They have implemented legislation for legalizing different crypto operations within Malta. The government defines bitcoin as a medium of exchange, storage for value, or a unit of account.


All these places, along with some others, are best for cryptocurrency trading. In the given period of time, you will be able to earn enough by the time they tax the digital currencies. If you want to invest sooner, then you can get instant access through this website. As you can see, there are many ways by which you can keep your income safe. If you are citizens of these places, then what are you waiting for? We never know when the taxes will come to haunt us.


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