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More about Coinbase

Coinbase started in 2012 and is one of the earliest exchanges for cryptos. Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam launched the exchange.

  • it is a US-based platform.
  • Gives access to the top cryptocurrencies all across the globe.
  • The app is user-friendly.

The best part about the process of getting involved in Coinbase is that you would not have to think twice before making suitable payments. Even if you lack funds from one of your mother accounts, you can fund your wallets with credit cards and PayPal as well. Coinbase is presently holding a top position as a crypto exchange.

More about Binance

Binance is more nascent in comparison to Coinbase. Changpeng Zhao launched the exchange in 2017. Since then, the exchange has expanded significantly to become the largest exchange in the world in terms of volume of trading.

  • Users can access hundreds of cryptocurrencies through this platform.
  • Binance is available to people from more than 180 countries.
  • It is a US-based exchange.

And now, if you are curious to know which platform is the best for the users, you should check out the prime differences between the two exchange platforms.

Binance vs. Coinbase

And here comes the much-awaited comparative analyses of the two exchange platforms for a better understanding of the users.

#1. Features of the platform:

Binance charge lower fees, offer comprehensive charting options, and allows access to many cryptos.

Coinbase is more intuitive. But ist good for beginners as offers basic transactions, you will get a digital wallet, and withdrawals are via PayPal.

#2. Fees: 

The spot trading fee for Binance is 0.10%. and if you purchase through debit cards, the charge is 4.5%.

The fees of Coinbase get calculated in an overall different manner.  These factors include

  • Method of payment
  • The volatility of the market
  • Liquidity state
  • The volume of the order

Thus, the fee is not visible as a disclosure on the platform.

#3. Types of transactions possible

Binance supports a wide variety of transactions including a market orders, limit orders, trailing stop orders, stop-limit orders, margin trading, peer-to-peer trading, one-cancels-the-other order, and more.

On Coinbase, you can buy, send, sell, exchange, and receive.

#4. Security features

One of the biggest issues right now about crypto exchanges is the level of security. As you are going to keep both the cryptos and the money in the wallet, it’s essential to know more about the security features.

For Binance, there is a Two-factor authentication process (2FA), and United States Dollars (USD) under the insurance of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will balance Binance. The rest of the features include

  • Address whitelisting
  • Cold storage
  • Device management

Coinbase also has the 2FA verification process. Besides, the FDIC-insured USD will also balance Coinbase.

  • Additional AE-256 encryption secures the digital wallets
  • Biometric fingerprint login
  • Cold storage

Therefore, the security features are quite advanced.

#5. Limit of maximum trading

The limit of the maximum trading on the Binance platform will depend on the cryptocurrency you are dealing with.

But on Coinbase, the limit of maximum trading will vary based on the region and payment method of the investor.

#6. Number of cryptos available for trading

Binance supports more than 600 cryptocurrencies for global traders. And there are more than 100 US investors present on the platform.

But Coinbase allows trading of 179 cryptocurrencies only.

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The final prospectus

With Binance, you can experience perks like

  • Advanced charting with many options to add overlays and indicators.
  • 7 order types
  • Scope to use TrustWallet, a third-party digital wallet

With Coinbase, you can enjoy fewer but attractive features like

  • Ability to withdraw money in a PayPal wallet
  • Secure digital hit wallet
  • Access to newsletter for the latest news on cryptos.

Therefore, you should analyze and decide which platform is going to be more supportive of the way you want to trade. The comparative analysis is going to help you strongly in making suitable decisions.

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