International Game Technology, or IGT for short, is today one of the biggest powerhouses when it comes to casino game development. The company enjoys a lot of popularity among gambling operators and their customers. That should not be too surprising especially considering how dedicated the developer is to delivering unmatched gaming experiences. The market is extremely competitive. As such, it is obvious that IGT has been a lot of things right to be able to survive this long.

How It All Started

Founded in 1975 in Las Vegas, Nevada, IGT originally went by the name A-1 Supply and then Sircoma a short while later. The company adopted its current name, International Game Technology, in 1981 and this marked the beginning of its winning streak in the iGaming industry.

In 1984 after acquiring Electronic Data Technologies, IGT began to become a recognizable part of the rapidly-growing gaming sector. The company did this by becoming a key contributor and supplier of computerized gambling products and services. At the time, its core business involved the development of player tracking software and loyalty programs for casino operators.

For a better part of its history, IGT was most popular for its top-notch land-based casino software. That is still largely true even today. However, the arrival of internet gambling changed a lot of things about gambling as we know it. Operators had to adjust appropriately and game developers such as IGT were also not left behind. The company has also been making waves as a leading iGaming solutions developer. Its experience in the land-based gaming scene seems to have contributed to its success as an online casino software developer.

Why Is IGT So Popular?

While the strategic game placement that IGT practices have contributed to its success, other aspects have played a role too. These include:

The Range and Quality of Games. – IGT boasts of one of the biggest collections of casino games on the planet. The developer makes slots, table games and even offers lottery games as well as all kinds of gaming systems. All these have an unmatched level of quality which makes them very desirable for casino operators all around the world.

Cross-Platform Compatibility. – In addition to being of the highest levels of quality, IGT games are also optimized for all kinds of modern consumer computing devices. This means that the games can run almost flawlessly regardless of whether you are playing on a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Fairness and Security. – IGT has pretty solid reputation. This is because its software is not only fair but also has licenses and third-party auditing certifications as proof of its commitment. That factor also plays into the level of security that these systems promise.

Strategic Partnerships. – As a business, IGT has had to make some huge moves especially with regards to expansion. Its partnership with leading gambling operators from all around the world has extended its reach significantly. It caters to audiences from across the world and this makes it a household name among avid gamblers and even some casual players.

Finding the Best IGT Casinos and Games

IGT offers a massive range of world-classic casino games. These are available not only to land-based casinos but also to the online casino sector which is rapidly expanding. Thanks to its partnerships with many online casinos and gaming sites, finding its amazing gaming titles should not be much of a hassle. However, not all casinos are built the same and players will always have varying needs.

As such, to get the best possible iGaming experiences, the players need to ensure that they choose the platforms that offer them the best features. For instance, many players often look at bonuses and promotions when selecting gaming sites. The most generous bonuses are very desirable but the best casinos prioritize balance instead. That way the players can get the most value from the sites.

Just as important are such things as customer support services, payment methods as well as ease-of-navigation. As we have already established, IGT offers some of the best-designed and most feature-packed games in the industry. You cannot go wrong with any of their games. Still, if you are looking for something specific, all you need to do is check on their website. Trying at as many games as possible is a great way of landing one that suits your gaming needs.


The passion and commitment to innovation are some of the things that cut across every product category in International Game Technology’s vast solutions portfolio. Its dedication to customer safety, satisfaction and growth has benefited the gaming industry as a whole. That said, gambling operators from all corners of the globe can count on IGT to innovate for the needs of today. We are also very confident in the company’s long-term success as it continues to leverage the latest technology to prepare for future opportunities. It is totally worth it.

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