You’ll come across countless myths about mobile gambling and even more about gambling in general. Here are some of the most common ones.

Myths About Mobile Gambling: 6 Typical Mobile Gambling Misconceptions

If you look back in time, you’ll see that gambling has been around almost since the dawn of humankind. Wherever humans existed, there was a need for a pastime, and gambling quickly established itself as a natural companion. As time went on, this activity evolved from simple amusement to the multi-billion-dollar global industry that attracts millions of people today. The onset of smartphone technology provided another frontier that gambling soon conquered, but myths about mobile gambling persevered.

Gambling myths are not new and have been around almost as long as the activity itself. While numerous myths turned out to be accurate, many of them still exist and confuse punters. Some of these misconceptions have to do with specific casino games, and others relate to the mobile platforms players use to enjoy various titles. Regardless, you should understand the difference between fact and fiction when looking to maximize your gaming sessions. Let’s observe some of the most persistent mobile gambling myths below.

Myths About Mobile Gambling: Everything You Should Know

When it comes to the most common misconceptions involving gambling, it may be challenging to differentiate between mobile and online myths. Online gambling is a broader term than mobile gambling, as every mobile gambling session takes place online by default. Consequently, many of the myths associated with mobile gambling simultaneously apply to online gambling in general. Countless industry experts evaluated different casinos and came up with ratings [valid where legal] to help new players avoid falling prey to such myths. Regardless, here are the most common examples:

  • You can win more in play-money games
  • Mobile gambling carries a higher addiction risk compared to live gambling
  • Mobile games freeze if you win too much
  • Winning in mobile games means you won’t receive payment
  • Mobile gaming makes it possible to count cards
  • Mobile games cheat players more than playing online.

Winning More In Play Money Games Than In Real-Money Titles

Most online casino operators nowadays incorporate a play-money feature. Unlike real money games, these titles let you enjoy gaming without spending your real money. This feature can help beginners practice their skills, develop strategies, and explore different titles. However, one of the most persistent myths about mobile gambling is that mobile casinos purposely rig their play money games to let you win more than real-money titles.

There is a straightforward reason why this notion is untrue. The same game developers supply operators with both real-money and play-money games, and both titles work on the same RNG (random number generator). Rigging the games to make players feel like winning more with play money makes no sense as it would call their credibility into question. Since reputation is everything in the online gambling world, such unprofessionalism would be detrimental.

The cause of this myth has to do with human psychology. Players do not feel the same emotional connection or investment when gaming with play money. Consequently, punters place wagers with different tendencies when they aren’t risking their hard-earned cash. Playing with free chips takes away the risk of losing, which usually also comes with more aggressive strategies, larger bet sizes, and the like.

Mobile Gaming’s Higher Risk Addiction Compared To Live Gaming

There are numerous differences between online casino games and in-person gaming. One of the most significant ones has to do with the availability and number of casino titles. Since playing on the go using a smartphone is more accessible than traveling to a land-based casino, this is among the most widespread myths about mobile gambling.

However, despite finding more mobile casinos on your mobile device, there is a crucial consideration that debunks this myth. If you visit a brick-and-mortar casino, you do not need to provide your personal or banking information. Consequently, a traditional casino has no means of tracking your play. On the other hand, online operators follow your every move, from how frequently you log in to how much you deposit.

Proactively controlling problem gambling becomes more manageable thanks to such abundant information. The mobile casino team can suggest temporary breaks from playing or temporary self-limits.

Mobile Games Freeze If You Win Too Much

Enjoying games on your mobile device provides numerous advantages over traditional casino gaming. However, one of the popular myths about mobile gambling states that winning too much causes the casino app or site to freeze. There is a straightforward reason why such an occurrence is unlikely.

If you start winning while playing mobile casino games, the casino will want you to continue playing. The house always wins because of a built-in mathematical advantage that comes into effect in the long run. The longer your gaming session, the higher the chances you’ll lose. Therefore, it is in the mobile casino’s best interest that you continue playing, which means it has no reason to slow down or freeze games when players start winning. If a freeze happens, it is most likely due to a bad connection.

Winning In Mobile Games Means You Won’t Receive Payment

Feeling spooked after hearing about players losing payments to their mobile casinos is only natural. However, millions of people worldwide enjoy mobile casino gaming daily, and the percentage of those who fail to receive their winnings is minor.

A mobile casino depends on its reputation and would not jeopardize it by completely withholding payouts. The operator may resort to other tactics like long pending periods or asking for additional documents, but legitimate operators will always pay out your money.

Mobile Gaming Makes It Possible To Count Cards

This is the most straightforward of all the myths about mobile gambling on our list to debunk. Remember that counting cards is only possible in land-based, traditional casinos. Here’s why: there are typically 6 to 8 decks in a classic blackjack game shoe. However, even in in-person games, the dealer cuts the shoe close to half, meaning you can never get to the end of the shoe. In other words, you can’t get to where you can take the most advantage of card counting.

Playing on your mobile means that the software automatically shuffles all eight decks every hand – instantly. Consequently, you’re playing the first hand of the shoe in every hand you play.

Mobile Games Cheat Players More Than Playing Online

As far as myths go, this particular one counts among the oldest in the book. It makes no sense to cheat players due to several reasons. Nowadays, players are more knowledgeable than ever before and can easily verify their game history to search for algorithm discrepancies.

Additionally, information can quickly become viral nowadays, which can devastate any business’s reputation. Considering the competitiveness of the online gambling industry, it makes no sense to cheat players. However, this misconception remains one of the most common myths about mobile gambling.

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