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Please wash your hands, stay at home, and practice social distancing that the new normal, COVID-19, has affected our way of life, leaving us prisoners of our homes. Work and any leisure activities have been altered, leaving most people bored and broke. Sports and casinos may be closed, but that does not mean you can enjoy some online games.


So if you are new to online games, he types of games you may find in online casinos might be confusing, especially if you have no idea on online slots. There are many ways you can differentiate online games depending on the theme or the subject matter of the game, such as sports slots, tv and movies slot, celebrity slots, and many more. The online slots look at different features and how to play the machine in the online game, for example, how one is to hit the winning combination, how to determine how much one wins.


There are different types of online slots they include:


Video Slots


Among all the types of online slots, the video slot game is one of the most complicated. It has five reels and over a hundred pay lines in the machine. This means there are more than a thousand ways in which once can be able to win the game. You must choose the quantity and the size of the coin to be used in the enabled pay line. The next step after that is clicking on the spin button and keeping calm as you wait for the result. The landing position of the wheel will determine if your combination has won or not.


Free online slots


If you are a fan of casinos and online games but do not love to spend any cash on the games, free slots are covered. Free online slots ensure that you are able to enjoy the game without needing to invest vast amounts of cash. So if you are new in online games and want to play safe, then it would be appropriate to use the free slots to practice the art of playing the game.


Three-reel slots


These are the traditional slots where the player has to match the three slots to ensure that you win. These online slots have three reels, which you have to match all the reels with a certain animal number or letter to ensure you win. The winning price ranges from 0-1000 dollars.


Five reel slots


This slot is similar to the three-reel slots, but the significant difference is that it has five reels instead of three. The winning chanced to depend on the number of identical reels. In five-reel, you can without having to match all the reels. The reward for this slot is a bit higher as compared to three-reel slots.


These are but a few of the slots available in the market for free and premium slots. Different slots operate differently, so it depends on your experience and your knowledge of playing online games.

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